This 15-year old secret could devastate U.S. markets

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A Special Report From
Former U.S. Congressman
Robert E. Bauman (J.D.)

Washington’s Dirty Secret
– that even the Media Establishment won’t touch

A small group of Washington and Wall Street insiders
is secretly playing “God” with the markets. If they slip
up one more time…it may cost you half your remaining

In this Special Report:

Washington’s Secret “Plunge Protection Team” (whose latest “unorthodox”
actions may cost you half your retirement savings)
How to Shock-Proof Your Wealth Against Economic and Geopolitical
Disaster…and why you must take urgent action NOW!
How to Turn the Tables on Wall Street – and Invest Like the Super Rich!
The Only Stocks You Should Be Invested in Today!
How to Make 658% Gains – Outside the U.S. Market
The World’s Best Performing Mutual Fund (Up 62% Last Year!)
The Easiest Money to be Made Anywhere Today (Bush and Greenspan
are practically giving away profits!

Dear Friend,
Five months after Black Monday – Executive Order 12631 was quietly signed
into law. Today, it’s about to explode in the face of millions of investors…

This Executive Order (signed without media coverage or fanfare) led to the
formation of a closely-knit and secretive group of political and financial titans.

This Team includes none other than Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, the
Secretary of the Treasury, and the heads of the SEC and the Commodity
Futures Trading Association. It also works closely with the heads of the
various stock exchanges and the big Wall Street banks including: Citibank,
JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

The group is now known on Wall Street today as the “Plunge Protection Team”.
This tight little frat team’s role is to ensure that a Black Monday scenario
never occurs again.

Yet despite its enormous resources it has only succeeded in bringing about
the very disaster it was supposed to avoid. It helped turn the bull market
into a bubble…and the bear market into a bomb-like bust. Worse, the
damage it’s caused has only just begun…

In this special report you’ll learn about the most closely guarded secrets
of the “Plunge Protection Team” (PPT). You’ll learn how they’ve begun
to engage in dangerous and illegal measures that could jeopardize the
financial futures of millions of unsuspecting Americans.

But you’ll also learn about a powerful age-old financial device that can
protect you from the coming economic turmoil. Plus you’ll learn how
a hand-full of well-informed investors have used this device to rack up
extraordinary gains in the past few years – whilst millions of Americans
watched their retirement dreams get washed away.

This group have not only been preserving their capital against a falling
dollar and a collapsing economy – but they’ve been racking up extraordinary
gains of 658%…193%…158%… and more – simply by capitalizing on
lucrative investment opportunities outside the U.S. markets and the
Wall Street way of thinking. Problem is, the average American investor
doesn’t even know these opportunities exist…

That’s why I’m writing to you today…to introduce you to these little-known
investments and strategies. (Until recently many of them were almost
exclusively enjoyed by the super rich. Today I’ll show you how you can
take advantage of them too).

My name is Robert Bauman. I was a former U.S. Congressman for the
State of Maryland. Through the years I’ve seen a lot of changes in
Washington. I was a 15-year old Page Boy when I witnessed Dwight
Eisenhower’s first State of the Union address. And I was a 35-year-old
Congressman when I heard Richard Nixon deliver one of his last speeches.
In between there was Kennedy, Johnson and later Ford and Carter. I’ve
lived through 40 years of State of the Union addresses. But I’ve never
seen anything like the mess America is in today. Frankly it’s terrifying.
Add to it a war on terrorism – and it’s a recipe for sure disaster.

In a moment I’ll tell you about exclusive investment opportunities that
can protect you from this…but first let me tell you why it’s absolutely
urgent you take advantage of them NOW…

Buyer Beware: The Rallies are Rigged

In the past few years there have only been three major long-term rallies.
They began on September 17, 2001…July 24, 2002…and October 7, 2002…

On each of these dates a number of curious events occurred…

The markets opened and the indices began plunging recklessly…But by
early afternoon it was if the angels had arrived…and the markets were
brought back from the brink of collapse…

Each time a large unnamed buyer in the futures market secretly swept
in and bought up massive quantities of S&P future contracts – making
reckless bets that the S&P would go up – even though it was obvious
that it was going to fall. This is a sure way to get rid of a lot money –
very quickly. However, because such a large amount of money was
wagered on the S&P’s rise – it was actually enough to reverse the market’s

This simple trick was first suggested by Robert Heller – a Federal Reserve
Governor – in 1989 (the year after the creation of the Plunge Protection
Team). He argued that it would be an easy way to rig the markets…

The move (so far) has successfully brought the markets back each time…
even so much as to completely reverse the market’s fate and transform
the crisis into a rally…further propping up the already way overvalued indices…

Don’t believe the PPT could engage in such “unconventional” measures?

The PPT Rallies: Blatant manipulation of the highest order:

On each of these dates the markets were plunging precipitously. Then a
huge unnamed buyer secretly came in and bought up large amounts of
S&P future contracts…reversing the market’s fate and transforming the
crisis into a false rally…

One of the rallies began after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The
markets managed to show an astounding rise for 3 to 4 months proceeding
the attacks. The U.S. media called it a “patriotic rally”. The European
Press (more accurately) called it a “PPT (Plunge Protection Team) rally”.
Another rally began on July 24, 2002 amidst the shocking news of the
unprecedented corporate accounting scandals – an event that should
have sent markets spiraling. The European Press again referred to it
as a “PPT rally”.

What’s more at the Federal Open Market Committee meeting held on
Jan 29-30, 2002 the Fed pondered using “unconventional methods” to
stimulate the economy. Even more shocking: earlier this year the
Financial Times (London) quoted a Fed official who did not want
to be named as saying one of the extraordinary measures considered
in January was “buying U.S. equities”.

Plus a number of curiously understated articles in the popular press
have also begun to acknowledge the existence of the Plunge Protection
Team – and the dangerous actions its begun to engage in, including the
Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, the Guardian (London) and
the New York Post.

To quote the New York Post:

“Forget everything else – this is the most important thing you need to
consider right now if you are thinking of getting into the stock market…
If the FT and my suspicions are correct Washington is getting into
dangerous territory”.

Get out of U.S. stocks NOW…

Before these rigging adventures turn into a complete economic disaster…
Instead of protecting you…Washington and Wall Street managed to
blow up one of the greatest economic bubbles in stock market history.
They trumpeted the glories of the “New Economic Era”…hailed the
stock market and mutual funds as the greatest place to put your money…
rushed through new banking laws like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
which deregulated the banking system…and (although few investors
know it) this law paved the way for all the broker and corporate accounting
scandals that we are still seeing on Wall Street today. It allowed investment
houses to push stocks that they were privately underwriting…and allowed
brokers to get rich off commissions while people like you and me were
encouraged to stay in stocks until they were practically worthless.

And this law was pitched to us as “reform”.

Wall Street was geared toward inflating the bubble. Everyone was
shouting “Buy…buy…buy!” And the top names in finance were behind it.

Now they’re desperately trying to engineer a soft landing. Unfortunately,
it’s too little…too late…Trillions have vaporized off American markets.
Consumer debt has reached a staggering $1.78 trillion, mortgage repayment
delinquencies are reaching all-time highs…and the national debt continues
to soar… Don’t believe the Plunge Protection Team exists?

Take a look at these tell-tale reports from the popular press…

On February 23, 1997 the Washington Post published an article
acknowledging the existence of the Plunge Protection Team. This was
the first article ever to feature a story in the mainstream press on this
secret government team.

On April 5th 2000 the New York Post online reported: “…something
happened at around 1.00pm our time yesterday that pulled the stock
market back from the edge of the cliff…one minute the NASDAQ
was down 11%…and then it suddenly rallied several hundred points
in the matter of an hour”. Once again – someone started buying large
amounts of stock index future contracts through Goldman Sachs and
Merrill Lynch – though neither brokerage firm (the article admitted)
would comment on who made these purchases. The article later admitted
the existence of the Plunge Protection Team.

On October 13, 2000 The Sydney Morning Herald in an article entitled
“Angels from on high drag markets to safer ground” sited a classic case
of “divine intervention”. It was Wednesday October 11th…the Dow Jones
Industrial Average plunged 435 points (4.3%) and the NASDAQ plummeted
187 points (5.8%) in the first 10 minutes of trading. Then as the article stated
“the angels arrived”. The market rebounded miraculously. The DOW only
ended 1.7% down for the day and the NASDAQ was down just 1.32%. The
next day the markets rallied. The thing is, nobody knew why. Traders were
stunned at the turnaround. What was clear is that the reversal was engineered
in the futures market. It took a lot of heavy buying by the major Wall Street
Houses to bring the market back that day – but no one would reveal the source
of the buyers.

The Guardian reported on Sunday September 16th, 2001 – 5 days after the
September 11 terrorist attacks – “…that a secretive committee…dubbed ‘the
plunge protection team’…is ready to coordinate intervention by the Federal
Reserve on an unprecedented scale. The Fed supported by the banks, will
buy equities from mutual funds and other institutional sellers…”

A New York Post writer had a telephone conversation with a very worried
Fed official on September 17, 2001 – the day the stock markets reopened
after the terrorist attacks. They discussed how the Fed could easily intervene
in the market by purchasing stock index future contracts – as it’s an inexpensive
and apparently foolproof way of rigging the market without leaving a trace.

An article in the Financial Times on Feb 21, 2002 about Japan’s Stock Buying
Body and the Plunge Protection Team commented that it was… “Arguable the
PPT’s motions helped quell the tides in September.” They later said that “…
government backed equity markets, as Japan has recently become aware,
do not work…Plunge protecting the world’s markets may be a hazardous

How to Shock-Proof Your Wealth Against Economic and
Geopolitical Disasters

These are dangerous times. We are ruled by a government obsessed
with the short-term – showing flagrant disregard for the long-term. This
puts us all in jeopardy – every single American. And the more invested
in America you are, including real estate, bank accounts, stocks, bonds
and the once rock-solid American currency – the more trouble you might
be in.

But I’m writing to tell you that you don’t need to get caught in the aftermath
of a giant economic or geopolitical disaster. There are ways out of this. Ways
that are safe, easy – and enormously profitable. But you won’t find them by
following the Wall Street mindset or by following the crowd mentality.

That’s why I want to introduce you to a small group of European and
American millionaires. We call ourselves The Sovereign Society. And
we have long abandoned the wild Wall Street approach to investing.
Many of the strategies and investments we’ve tapped into are rarely even
discussed – let alone accessed – by the young brash brokers on Wall Street.
Since March 2000 – when major indices have plunged the globe over – we’ve
been making extraordinary gains – outside the American market and the
Wall Street way of thinking. What’s more we’ve done it effortlessly.

We are not, however, some fly-by-night investment “gurus” pushing the
latest Wall Street stock. In fact, it is this very type of advice that we are
against. It’s this type of advice that helped contribute to the great financial
mess America is in. On the contrary we combine simple time-tested
strategies with other alternative investments like special types of funds,
foreign annuities, foreign currencies, precious metals and global stocks –
to help our members create a well-balanced portfolio. Our portfolios are
designed to withstand any kind of economic or geopolitical shock. We
employ a strict investment philosophy that above everything ensures the
safety and security of our member’s capital.

Not to say we haven’t enjoyed some spectacular gains.

And this is your unique opportunity to join us.

Easy Money – Outside the U.S Market

Before I tell you more about us – let me show you the kind of easy money
we’ve been making…and let me explain how we’ve managed to maintain an
almost perfect track record – even through one of the worst times in economic
history. You may think we’re some kind of financial geniuses – but we’re not.
We’ve just managed to tap into some of the world’s top money managers and
capitalize on some of their techniques. But our main strategies are very simple –
and these volatile times have actually worked for us. As our experts will tell
you – these are in fact the easiest times to make money – as long as you pay
homage to history.

Since 1890 – history has shown us that in times of economic uncertainty
there are a number of asset classes that do well. They are hard currencies,
commodity currencies, precious metals, gold stocks, foreign bonds and
emerging market investments.

By capitalizing on these trends we’ve been able to make some very impressive
gains – very easily. Last year we made annualized gains of 193%, 158%, 105%
on our global gold stocks…62% on one of the world’s top-performing mutual
funds…25% on precious metals…Plus we made 656% gains in just a few short
months on a simple currency bet…And we made ultra-safe conservative gains
on every offshore hedge fund we picked last year – and this was at a time when
the vast majority of American mutual funds were crashing.

The problem is many of these alternative investments are not available in the
U.S. As a result, the majority of American investors have missed out on some
of the world’s most profitable opportunities. For example, one of the world’s
best-performing mutual funds in the past five years was Gresham House
Investment Trust – up 688%. But as this fund is managed offshore it is
“off-limits” to most Americans. But there is a way you can legally access
these opportunities. It’s a method that until recently was mainly enjoyed
by the super rich…

How to Turn the Tables on Wall Street…

And Invest Like the Super Rich!

The easiest way to gain instant, legal and unrestricted access to this
whole other world of lucrative investment opportunities is by having
an offshore bank account.

As a member of the Sovereign Society one of the most extraordinary and
powerful benefits you’ll receive is the opportunity to open up one of these
very accounts. In fact, through the Sovereign Society’s powerful array of
global contacts, we’ve already arranged to have a number of these accounts
especially reserved for you. They are waiting for you at three of Europe’s
leading private banks. The banks rank among some of the world’s oldest
and strongest financial institutions. And they are situated in the world’s
leading financial havens: Switzerland, Austria and Denmark.

Historically these places are the traditional havens of choice in times of
economic uncertainty. The currencies, companies and investments in these
places are soaring at the moment – as the world’s money floods into them
in search of safety and profits.

What’s more in these havens accounting practices, investment banks and
money managers are so tightly regulated, that the accounting frauds,
number-fudging and broker scandals that are still breaking out on Wall
Street today could never occur here. Their strict practices, strong institutions
and experienced advisors make Wall Street look like the Wild West. You
can be comforted knowing that your money will be growing safely and
steadily – away from rigged markets, a crumbling economy, a crashing dollar,
rogue traders, corrupt Wall Street brokers and the self-serving institutions
they work for.

Access to a Whole New World of Financial Opportunity

In addition to being able to monitor and access your account online…
you’ll be able to:

Access a whole new world of global investment opportunities…including
each one of the lucrative investment opportunities I’ll tell you about in this
letter. (A benefit most Americans will sadly never know).

Trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, precious metals and currencies on
markets everywhere…

Employ Nobel Prize winning investment strategies with the indisputable
leaders in financial integrity…

Gain unrivalled asset protection in countries that have been the traditional
havens of choice by the world’s wealthiest families in times of war,
scandal and economic upheaval.

Diversify your assets out of American dollars and convert them into
currencies set to soar against the dollar in the volatile times ahead – like
the rock-solid Swiss franc, the Euro and many more commodity currencies…

Gain coveted access to some of the world’s most trusted and established
financial analysts and money managers. These are not young brash Wall
Street brokers peddling stocks that benefit them rather than you. They
are experienced analysts that have managed the fortunes of institutional
investors and the world’s wealthiest families for decades, riding them
safely through economic disaster after economic disaster – from the
inflationary seventies to Black Monday and beyond – almost doubling
their money safely and surely every five years using sophisticated investment
systems that have stood the test of time. These are the kinds of analysts
you’ll want managing your money in the volatile times ahead.
You’ll get more details about your accounts (and the banks at which they’re
held) in a special report we’ll send you when you join. This is a truly
unique and powerful benefit that is simply not available to the average
American investor. And we are only able to offer it thanks to our powerful
array of global connections.

But this is just the beginning. Many lucrative investment opportunities
await you once you have your offshore account…opportunities that until
recently have only been enjoyed by the wealthiest of American families.
Now you can profit from them too… Access the World’s Best-Performing

In the past few years offshore hedge funds which often trade alternative
asset classes…have been among the best-performing funds in the world.
Now these aren’t your average offshore hedge fund of the nineties –
which had rather a risky reputation. Those funds were often run by big
Wall Street legends like George Soros and Julian Robertson who would
make big bets on currencies, stocks, bonds and interest rates. They were
considered high-risk and were largely tools for the super rich – requiring
$1 million dollar minimum investments.

But you no longer need to fork over $1 million dollar minimums to get
in on this lucrative investment opportunity. It’s possible to buy into these
sophisticated low-risk funds now for as little as $5,000.
A Perfect Track Record!

Last year every offshore hedge fund recommendation we made came up
trumps! This was at a time when traditional mutual funds and stock indices
were crashing the globe over. The S&P shed 23%. NASDAQ was down
31%. And the Dow was down 17%. But our ultra-safe funds trading alternative
asset classes performed fine.

The Sovereign Society chooses its funds with the greatest of care. We scour
the world for low risk funds that offer high returns. We choose funds that
employ the world’s top money managers – and who trade asset classes that
do well in all market conditions – particularly at volatile times.

These are the funds you’ll want your money in over the next few years.
They can help restore the capital you’ve lost from the Wall Street stock
and mutual fund massacre. To join us click on the ‘subscribe now’ button
below, fill out the necessary information and submit your order. Your
Membership will be activated immediately and a whole new world of
financial possibilities will be opened to you.

Last year every offshore hedge fund we recommended to our members
came up trumps. We made ultra-safe gains of 15%…11%…and 8% – during
the worst bear market since 1939-41. In a special report we’ll send you when
you join us you’ll find out about our top fund picks for the times ahead.
Plus we’ll show you a legal, little-known – and tax-efficient way – that you
can buy these funds through your offshore bank! Yes, not only can you be
enjoying safe above market-average returns – but you can further enhance
those returns by legally watching them compound tax-free!

Truly these proven, preferred strategies of the super rich – will change the
way you invest forever

193% Gains in Global Gold Stocks!

Now is the greatest time to get in on global gold stocks! Gold is entering
its strongest phase for the first time in two decades.

What’s more in times of uncertainty gold shares out-perform gold. For
instance in the last great gold rise – gold soared 26% – but gold stocks soared
an average of 130%. And in the Great Depression gold shares soared during
1930 -1935 – whilst other shares collapsed 80%!

Last year 8 out of our 10 gold recommendations came through for us:

Harmony Gold (HMY) +158.22%
ASA (ASA) +105.93%
Placer Dome (PDG) +3.79%
Agnico Eagle (AEM) +50.25%
Anglo-American (AAUK) -8.18%
Durban Deep (DROOY) +193.48%
Agnico Eagle (AEM) +50.57%
Newmont Mining (NEM) + 52.07%
Homestake (HM) now Barrick Gold (ABX) -4.88%
GoldCorp (GG) +108.55%

This is how we’ve been helping new members win back the money they’ve
lost in the past few years. But again – don’t think we’re some kind of investment
geniuses. We’re not. Gold was one of last years’ best-performing sectors. We
just capitalized on the trend. But we expect gold to continue being one of the
best-performing sectors in the volatile times ahead. So there’s still plenty of
gains to be won. You’ll find out about our latest top gold recommendations
in a special private bulletin we’ll send you each month. (I’ll tell you more
about this special benefit in a moment)…

658% Gains – Outside the U.S. market

Here are some more ways we’ve been making easy money – outside the
U.S. market. In the months ahead you’ll be able to capitalize on these
strategies too. In fact, you’ll learn about many of these strategies and how
to profit from them in the special private bulletins we’ll send you each month.
Plus you’ll get the best of them in a special free report we’ll send you when
you join us called How to Shock-Proof Your Wealth Against Economic
and Geopolitical Disaster.

How we Maintain an Almost Perfect Track Record in Times of Chaos

The Sovereign Society combines simple time-tested strategies and other
alternative investments including special types of funds, foreign annuities,
foreign currencies, precious metals and gold stocks – to help you create
a well-balanced portfolio.

Our advisors and their global network of contacts preen global markets
looking for low-risk, high-return opportunities. Every recommendation
we make has been meticulously chosen – and must be in alignment with
the Council of Experts particular philosophy and its investment consensus.
It must be ultra-safe and offer at the very least a small real return. By
employing this strict investment philosophy it ensures the safety and
security of our member’s capital.

658% Gains on a simple currency bet. Our hand picked investment
advisors knew to capitalize on the uncertainty in the American market.
In May 2002 we recommended buying 90-cent euro calls. They were
trading at $1,125 at the time. Just 3 months later they went up to $8,575.
That play made our members 658% gains in just a few short months! Yes –
six times our money in just a few short months. We made a similar play
the year before on the Swiss franc…and netted our members 88% gains in
just a few short months. But don’t think you’ve missed out. We believe
many more of these lucrative opportunities are coming up in the volatile
months ahead. We’ll show you how to take advantage of them.

62% on one of the World’s Top-Performing Mutual Funds. Out of a
universe of more than 50,000 mutual funds Sovereign Society managed
to pick one of the top performing funds since March 2000. Last year the
fund was up a staggering 62% – when the S&P plunged 23%. Your free
special report will tell you how to get in on this top-performing mutual

Big money on gold and precious metals. Last year our members made
25% on the world’s oldest investment – gold. Many investors are wanting
to diversify into precious metals at the moment – and with good reason –
but most just don’t know the most cost-effective and easiest way to do it.
You’ll learn how in your free report. It’s a special ultra-safe program where
your metals are guaranteed by the Western Australian Government – who
have been given a triple AAA rating from Standard & Poors.

17% annual gains on an incredible Emerging Markets Multi-Fund. This is
a revolutionary new way to make safe gains in emerging markets. It is a
fund of funds which has repeatedly won performance awards by London’s
Investment International Magazine. Since 1992 the fund has earned 10%
per annum. And over this very volatile period gains have exceeded 17%
each year! What’s more, the fund has logged profits virtually every month
since September 11! Name one American mutual fund that’s done that. If the
fund keeps going at this rate – as we expect it too – you could double your
money in just over 3 years. You’ll learn all about it in your free report.

The Easiest Money to be Made Anywhere Today. Last year we picked up
some of the easiest profits in the world – just by betting against the U.S. dollar.
While most Americans sat hopelessly by as the dollar crashed – witnessing yet
another 20-30% get wiped off their retirement nest eggs – we made gains of
16.4% and 18.4% – simply by switching our American dollars into Euros and
Swiss francs. And there is plenty more to be made this coming year in
currencies. In fact, Bush and Greenspan are practically giving away profits –
as they continue to let the air out of the over-inflated dollar. Our team of Swiss
bankers, currency experts and global investment advisors will tell you the 6
currencies set to soar against the dollar over the coming year – no matter what
happens. And we’ll show you the easiest and most cost-effective way to invest
in them.

As I said, this is easy money. So much easier than the methods those
poor young Wall Street brokers are employing today.

Your Own Plunge Protection Team!

As you can see the Sovereign Society’s track record is quite impressive.
And it’s because we’ve paid homage to history…capitalized on some
obvious financial trends…and stuck to a strict investment philosophy.

I sincerely hope I’ve convinced you to join us.

These are dangerous times to be trapped in American markets and the
American dollar. Greenspan, the Bush Administration and their bungled
economic policies have put the U.S. economy in the worst shape it’s ever
been in. The economy is teetering on the brink of the greatest collapse
since 1929. But the Sovereign Society can open you up to a whole new
world of financial opportunity.

As a member you’ll get access to an unrivalled team of 45 financial and
professional advisors, including top Swiss and Austrian bankers, money
managers, global fund managers, famous investment authors, asset protection
specialists and privacy experts. These people are masters in asset preservation.
They will act as your own Plunge Protection Team. They will look out for you…
open doors for you…and steer you safely and profitably through the volatile
times ahead…

You’re probably thinking that access to these advisors is going to cost you
a small fortune. But don’t worry. It’s not.

You can access them all – for less than the cost of a single consultation!

Through our special private monthly advisory letter called The Sovereign
Individual you’ll gain access to this unrivalled team of financial and
professional advisors. In The Sovereign Individual you’ll find the hottest
global gold stocks, oil stocks, alternative funds, currency investments
and precious metal investments. You’ll also find out about private banking
strategies, computer privacy techniques, offshore tax havens, second
passports, global business opportunities, offshore e-commerce strategies,
asset protection techniques and many other things related to the offshore
financial world. Offshore investment advice is just one part of the
Sovereign Society. Our global network of contacts scour the globe
each month for the finest opportunities the world can offer you…opportunities
that can make your life richer, safer and better.

And in The Sovereign Individual, we aren’t afraid to tell it as it is. You
won’t get the regular spin from the elite controlled popular press…we
aren’t afraid to step on people’s toes. In fact, we step on them all the time.
Even the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek are talking about us… how
The Sovereign Society “the offshore investment advisory group” can
help you move cash, stocks and bonds offshore for asset preservation.
Our legal offshore tax strategies have been quoted to have caused the
IRS “deep concern” on the front page of the Wall Street Journal! Truth
is – they see our group as a threat to their ailing economy. They want
you to keep your money invested in their artificially propped-up markets.
We warn people against this. We expose the truth…tell you how it really
is…and step on people’s toes – to help people like you avoid the ravages
of a corrupt and recklessly run economy…

You’ll also hear from me personally three times a week in The Offshore
A-Letter. I’ll keep you up-to-date on the state of the economy…what the
U.S. government is up to…and urgent things you can do to keep your
portfolio and your life safe and secure. Over 60,000 readers a week tune
in to what we have to say in The Offshore A-Letter. It’s the most
successful and widely read offshore e-letter in the world. And it’ll
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Your 3 Free Reports!

In addition to The Sovereign Individual, The Offshore A-Letter and
your offshore bank introductions you’ll also get three important free

1. How to Shock-Proof Your Wealth Against Economic and Geopolitical
Disaster. This special report combines the very best of our investment
recommendations. It shows you immediately in one easy-to-read report
what you should do with your money today. It shows you how to profit
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2. The Offshore Convenient Account. This report will tell you all about
your exclusive offshore banking options. You’ll learn about the powerful
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plus you’ll learn how to use your account legally and efficiently. Your
offshore bank account is your gateway to the many profitable opportunities
I’ve mentioned in this letter. It is a truly unique and privileged benefit of
Society Membership. The super rich – who are lucky enough to have the
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3. Your Offshore Nest-Egg. In this special report you’ll learn how to build
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The Sovereign Society