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Here is what this reader shared. ”Gary, Check out Daily Grist, if you don't already know about it. The very first article is on a woman living in total freedom in the North Carolina woods.”

24 Oct 2003

Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE


Environmental Book Publishing Meets Off-Grid Living

Longtime environmentalist Barbara Dean has mixed feelings about the effects of technology on modern life; that's part of the reason she up and moved to a remote, off-the-grid spot in Northern California. But at the same time, she knows it's technology that makes it possible for her to do her job as executive editor at Island Press, a nonprofit environmental book publisher. A satellite Internet

connection, radio phone, and solar- and mini-hydro-powered laptop let her communicate with writers and scientists around the world who are as dedicated as she is to caring for the Earth.

Follow Dean, this week's Grist diarist, through her days as she laughs at a pileated woodpecker outside her window, worries about invasive plants on her land, and talks policy, science, and cover art with her colleagues — Wild turkeys couldn't drag me away. — a week in the life of Barbara Dean, Island Press

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The point is clear, you can live and work wherever you please whether it be in a Caribbean island or deep somewhere in shaded woods. Investors should be aware of this because this is dramatically altering demographics and real estate value will grow in places where there is not industrial base.

Business people should also take note because it means you can now go and live where you choose.

We hope you enjoy these new found freedoms and that all your business and investing are good!