Believe it or not

by | Oct 30, 2003 | Archives

Here is a message from a reader who just attended Bob Shane’s course here at the farm that you may find hard to believe.

“Good morning Merri, On my way home Sunday I stopped at a local restaurant and noticed that I magnetized the silverware! The fork and knife came together and held! The waitress accused me of magic tricks! Nope. I was just energized, folks! I have been reflecting on my experience. First of all is the manifestation of Love that you and Gary project in every facet of your existence. I appreciated the social aspects with very interesting and talented people. I realized that I have become fearful and began cutting through some of my fears on a very basic level. I have realized I have been limiting myself. I am opening myself to Infinity and will meditate. In the past, when I have done this, the limitations have come crashing down and new opportunities appear, although pretty scary at the time of happening. I had a vegetable plate in your honor at Cracker Barrel yesterday. May you continue to be blessed.”

Our courses work and we hope you will join us soon. Our first health tour to Ecuador February 6 thru 11 is now full. To make it possible for everyone to attend we are adding another tour later in February or early March. Details of the tour are at Global Health Secrets: La Mirage Spa, Ecuador

If you want to be on a wait list for the February tour or reserve the later tour send a note to Merri at

May all your days be magnetized.