Marketing eTips – Lesson #8

by | Oct 22, 2003 | Archives

This is the eighth lesson in a business and investing course that shows how colonial property, nostalgia and old time values have extra appeal. This knowledge can help you improve business and investing by seeing why I started a new business,

This course shares the philosophies on nostalgia I am using in that business now.

Lesson #7 looked at a quantum level of energy that brings a feeling of peace and well being. A key to success in business is knowing how to bring contentment to customers.

Let's understand quantum mechanics better. If we look deep enough we can see all physical existence as tiny particles we call molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons etc. If we look deeper we reach a point where these tiny bits of stuff start shifting. Part of the time they act like matter. Part of the time they act like energy. We might ask what is this matter-energy?

Science says the force that alters energy to matter is our intention or observation. Consciousness is the root of being. We are as affected by these tiny movements of nothing as we are by the huge particles that swirl above us in space (the sun, stars and planets).

This is what yoga, mediation, energetic healing, aphorisms, fire-walking, learning how to be in the zone and all types of self improvement are about.

This is where the scientists and mystics come together. Astrology Yagyas, mysticism and quantum science are all ways of affecting intention. Meditation is about quieting the mind so that it transcends to this quantum level. Yoga is about uniting the body and the mind while in this transcending state.

A yagya in India is a specific prayer chanted or thought by a pundit who is a priest trained since childhood to chant each prayer with a specific intention. There are yagyas to ameliorate bad planetary influences. There are yagyas for good health, for wealth for the removal of obstacles and delays, etc. For example the mahamrityanjaya yagya is a prayer that must be repeated 100,000 times and takes one pundit about a month. In quantum terms a yagya is an intention.

This scientific quantum theory shows us ways of working at our customers’ deepest subconscious level.

This is the link between meditation, prayer, biofeedback, astrology, yagyas, faith healing and all types of scientific quantum thought. Each is a different way of getting in touch with the most profound levels of existence.

So where does business and investing come in?

There is a growing demand for inner peace and a lot of this demand will be filled through inner quantum exercises that fall into the categories above. We saw in Lesson #6 for example how yoga and white water rafting have already been combined.

A decline in respect for the church is affecting this shift as well. An Oct 7 2003 article in USA Today entitled “Civil marriage on rise across USA” highlights this fact when it outlines how civil marriages are on the rise as people lose respect for the ultimate authority of church elders and are shifting to their own soulful searches.

Businesses that reflect emerging values of society are the ones that succeed most. Businesses that honor environmental, humanitarian, healthier, old time and nostalgic values are the ones that will grow in the years ahead.

So take a look at to see how these values are reflected in this new business.

Until next message, good business and investing.