by | Oct 21, 2003 | Archives

Every time you go to our new website, you receive a special gift. There is a special background color of Golden-Orange on every page. Move around the site. See how the pictures change. Notice at times all that you see is a full page of Golden-Orange.

This color and technique was not chosen without thought. While living in Ecuador a healer/medicine man taught Merri and me a powerful visualization technique that enhances energy in the field of affluence. “Visualize Golden-Orange,” he said. “Picture the color of the rising sun and this will balance your mind-body-universal connection and will increase your wealth.”
I use this technique every day and it has helped affluence pour into my life. When we began developing our new site, we wanted to make sure that this color of sunrise and prosperity flooded your being each and every day. This is probably one of the few sites in the world that purposely uses color therapy and perhaps the only one in existence that aims at helping all the readers have more wealth…simply through color.

I hope this works well for you!