Marketing eTips – Lesson #5

by | Oct 15, 2003 | Archives

See how old time values and art can increase affluence.

This is the fifth lesson in the business and investing course that shows why colonial property, nostalgia and old time values have extra appeal in this day and age. This knowledge can help you improve your business and investing. I have started a new business, and this course shares philosophies on business investing and marketing and we examine the businesses to understand how these philosophies have been incorporated at So this course is not theory, but shows how a business is actually using them now. If you have not read lessons one through four, they are at: Lesson #1 Lesson #2 Lesson #3 and Lesson #4

Read the text below and go to to see how I have incorporated nostalgia and old time values with this text to sell art by a very talented primitive painter. What could be more apt in times when nostalgia sells than a family oriented na•ve painter from a coal mining family?

"Theresa Isbell Gloster, born in Filbert, West Virginia at # 9 Holler, was 
raised with eleven brothers and sisters. Her father and grandfather are a
historical generation of black coal miners and her paintings reflect this
beautiful backwoods life.

Folk art reflects the ancient nature of this land and began with cave
paintings when these mountains stood as solid intrusions beaten only by
time. Man conquered the eras by recording visions of his past and hopes for
the future in primitive art, on stone, canvas and wood.

Blue Ridge folk art reminds us that old time values still live here.
Family, friends and values come alive in explosions of color and none do
this better than Theresa Isbell Gloster.

The scenes Theresa brings alive in acrylic on board show as many as five
children snuggled under one hand-stitched patchwork quilt. She paints life
into mountain roads, pictures as momma and aunts use scrub boards or gather
at quilting bees as in this charming painting.

These decorative artworks and paintings are not prints but are original
Appalachian art at its finest. They make Wonderful Easter and Valentine
gifts and presents."

Incorporate values like this in anything you want to sell or if you are an investor look for businesses that do this because they are on the right track. Tomorrow's lesson shows how adventure can affect your business and investing. Until then may all your time be an adventure.