Marketing eTips – Lesson #4

by | Oct 10, 2003 | Archives

Let's look at an interesting aspect of human nature: people want what they no longer have.

This is the fourth lesson in the business and investing course that shows why colonial property, nostalgia and old time values have extra appeal today. This knowledge can help you improve your business and investing. I have started a new business, and this course shares philosophies on business investing and marketing and we examine the businesses to understand how these philosophies have been incorporated at So this course is not theory, but shows how a business is actually using them now. If you have not read Lessons #1-3. Lesson #1 Lesson #2 Lesson #3

Think about what people want that they no longer have. We no longer have the need to sit cozily around a fire. When central heating became perfect, everyone suddenly wanted a fireplace.

We no longer need to go into the woods. Once the road systems in America became perfected so you can drive anywhere on perfectly smooth paved roads, the four wheel drive off-road SUV became the most purchased car in the country.

In the western world, families aren't together so much any more. As families become less united, more moms work, more children become latch key kids and more parents have to travel and be away from home on business. The family room has become one of the most important rooms for selling new houses. Parents need this to show their love of family since they cannot do so in the traditional way.

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My reckoning is that people hate to see children lose their innocence to the modern, fast paced world and they will want their children (that is my grandson in the picture) and grandkids to have things that reflect what they no longer have, old fashioned values in their toys.Tomorrow we'll look at art and how nostalgia and old time values can sell.