Ecuador Apartment for $6,000

by | Oct 6, 2003 | Archives

As a prelude to our February course in Ecuador (which includes a property for sale tour of Old Quito), we sent a friend down to check everything out. Read his first report here as prices are even lower than we suspected.

“Gary & Merri! Hello from the land of MANY opportunities! I saw at least a dozen houses yesterday, so many I lost count. I took many photos. We will go back Tuesday to see more houses. There was a new listing in today's newspaper for $8K house. We'll see it also..but I may have seen it yesterday.

“I visited the Castle of St. John…It is the DEAL…Best property for the dollars that I saw, and the view is breathtaking!

“There are loads of places to buy in the $6000 to $45000 range, but I think buyers will need help to find the places unless they are very street-wise and fluent in Spanish.

“We went into many 400 yr. old houses and you could tell that they were magnificent at one time. I also visited your Hacienda, Rosaspamba (place of roses) this morning. What a GLORIOUS place!!!!

“If anyone ask you what Rosaspamba looks like…tell them to see the movie Jurassic Park.. That has a similar landscape.


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Tomorrow's message begins a business course that shows why colonial property and nostalgia has extra appeal for business people and investors now.

Until next message may all your bargains be good.