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by | Oct 3, 2003 | Archives

Here are two humanitarian gifts for you in the months ahead.

Both of our homes and offices are located in areas of some poverty (Blue Ridge and Ecuador). This is not without reason. Merri and I feel that using technology to bring global business opportunity into economically depressed areas is one of the greatest things that businesses can do. The internet can help us spread opportunity and wealth around the world.

To this end Merri and I have started a brand new business to help the skilled craftsmen of the Blue Ridge. Ashe County, North Carolina has a 20% plus unemployment rate but some of the most talented crafters and woodworkers in the world. Our goal at is to help you discover some of the unique one-off products they create. See incredible wooden toys (life time treasures actually), beautiful hand stitched quilts, amazing primitive art and much more at Blue Ridge Crafts. Here are the two humanitarian gifts.

First, over the months and years ahead, for those interested in having a business that is profitable and helps economically depressed areas, I’ll share how and what we are doing at in the hopes you can do the same in others areas.

Second, the dreaded holiday shopping is about to arrive. Nowhere will you find such unique one-of-a-kind-gifts that you can share with a loved one as you help your poorer neighbors at the same time. Go to

Until next message may all your gifts be blessed!