Five Dollar Jump

by | Sep 30, 2003 | Archives

I just received the following message from a reader. “Got a call from Jyske Bank that Instrumentarium stock is being bought at a jump of nearly $5.00 per share over today's price until tomorrow. What's going on? Do you recommend selling my shares.”

I wrote about this share on August 18 when the shares ere quoted at $35. They rose over the month to more than $41. So with this $5 jump there is better than a $10 per share profit or about a 30% rise in one

month.This means that this year that most of the shares I have written about have jumped dramatically. Jyske Bank shares rose from $50 to $80. Maersk did even better and now this. This worries me as it is never my intention to market time and pick shares that are just about to jump. I want to state categorically that I had no idea that any one of these shares were about to skyrocket.

My goal is to help readers first learn how to create their own PIEC (Personal Income Earning Corridor) through a three phase investing plan by investing in what they know and love. The messages I send are aimed at pointing out trends and showing distortions within these trends that might mean that some shares are selling for less than what they are worth. My goal is to spot and capture long term trends in social aspects that I know and am interested in. I look for ideas and shares that are evolving and those that appear in my best judgement to have good value. I am mainly trying to find strong long term trends I can ride. I do not expect to only jump in just before a share price screams up. In these three instances I simply applied the principles outlined in the link below and simply was lucky.

You can read all about this at reality check at

Until next message may your life be filled with luck as well.