Healthy Investing = Wealth #16

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The Wellness Revolution will have a huge impact on high tech and the high tech industry will have an even greater revolution on wellness. This is why you do not want to miss this message about high tech's future. Here are seven thoughts Ian Pearson, a technological futurist, recently shared.

Ian talked at Jyske Bank's recent seminar in Copenhagen and here are several of the vital points he made. Ian is the futurist for British Telcom and this type of thinking is directing this telcom industry giant.

Thought #1: There is an ongoing convergence between: telecoms-intelligence-robotics-nanotach-biotech-energy-materials-sensors-computing and positioning.

Thought #2: There will be a 2006 technology explosion caused by:

      A: Convergent technologies reaching maturity.

B: Recovery from recession will liberate pent up


C: Increase access to powerful tools and high speed


D: Widespread mobile terminal ownership and falling


E: Progress in displays and interface.

F: Huge increases in storage capacities.

G: Semantic web enables machine based knowledge


Thought #3: Our environment will be so peppered with processors, tags, data stores, sensors and communicators that such things as transmission revenues for telephone companies will cease to exist. That's right the head of one of the world's largest telephone companies is advising his firm that in ten years they will not be able to charge for telephone calls. He believes all their revenue by then will come from value added services.

Thought #4: There will be four computer sectors not the two (business-personal) that exist now. They will be business, personal, home and social. Look at the benefits of the social. Imagine going to a party where your name, business card, hobbies, sexual preferences, availability and interests are stored in your nametag called an ego badge. Your tag investigates everyone else's preferences and interests and sends you to those who have common interest to you (and perhaps cues you in advance and brings you up to date with an idiot's guide to any subjects your matchups are keen on which you may lack). That ends cocktail party small talk. That's a worthy goal!

Thought #5: There will be a revaluation of human skills. Today many people work as smart machines. Tomorrow they will have to work as people. More than telephone receptionists will lose their jobs.

Thought #6: We will shift into the care economy (I have been calling this the Imagination Era) where the value of physical and intellectual work will fall to zero and the perceived value of community and social well being will grow to being of the highest value.

Thought #7: Smart email will have a total impact on business and politics. Here is an example how. A smart email will come to 4 billion people in under five minutes. Here is what it would say:

"Dear Friend, the USA is destroying your environment through its energy 

policy. If you agree hit the yes button below. To support pressurizing the

US government to reduce emissions hitting the yes button will automatically

block any purchase made from the US for one month."

He asked us to imagine how business and political leaders would react to this!

I have 21 more thoughts that Ian shared but this is so overwhelming let's stop here and just think about this for a bit. I'll share more in future messages. For the moment let me hear from you. How can you see these thoughts altering our future?

I have just ordered the book Business 2010: Trends and Technologies to Shape Our World by Ian Pearson and Michael Lyons and a forward by Arthur C. Clarke at (do not confuse this with Business 2010 by Frederick Harmon).

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Until then, may the technology you use never fail.