Starry nights in the country

by | Sep 18, 2003 | Archives

Merrily Farms lays in one of the darkest parts of the Eastern U.S. There is a huge benefit (I'll share here) we can gain from this.

We are so far from town that it is truly dark at night. Clear nights are a starry treat. Things forgotten in the city, like the Milky Way and fainter stars glow bright, full in their pride. I get lost in this magnificence and wonder at how ancient this light is that strikes my eyes. Some began their journey place millions of years ago. This staggers the imagination.

Last night as I sat on the front porch in my rocker and let these brilliant gems of the night overwhelm me, I was reminded of the Ballade of Good Counsel by Chaucer:

"Flee from the crowd and dwell with truthfulness:Suffice thee with thy goods, tho' they be small:To hoard brings hate, to climb brings giddiness;The crowd has envy, and success blinds all;Desire no more than to thy lot may fall;Work well thyself to counsel others clear,And truth shall make thee free, there is no fear!"

This is why I love the dark and starry nights in the country. They connect with and unlock truths that we know are there, but are obscured by the glitter of civilization.

Won't you join Merri and me soon for a few starry nights?

We have Bob Shane, Quantum Medicine, Thomas Fischer (Denmark) Inspired Investing. Details of our last courses at the farm this year are at

Until then or next message, may all your nights be starlit.