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A reader who attended our recent International Investing Made EZ seminar in North Carolina (and went golfing with Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank) shared some valuable information that confirms what we have been sharing about the benefits of wellness revolution.

Dear Gary,

"Beat the banker", that's probably the best name for a golf tournament I've

ever heard. Who wouldn't want to do that?I am attaching an article from

Futurist Magazine on holistic aging. The author explains how he thinks this

will change the entire society. Whenever you can get someone from a

completely different background coming to the same conclusions, I think

that is a confirmation of the direction of your thinking.

THE FUTURIST September-October 2003

The Holistic Future of Aging. By Aviv Shahar

Baby boomers will put a new, active, empowered face on aging.

Throughout history, "elders" have been revered for their wisdom,

accomplishments, and ability to endure. Today, the West seems blind to the

beauty and significance of old age. Youth is worshipped, billions are spent

in the effort to deny aging, and challenges abound for seniors who are in,

or trying to reenter, the workforce. But as the baby boomers move into the

golden years, the governing value system will shift and be redefined from


Just a few generations back, reaching the senior years was a rarity. Thus,

old age as a mass phenomenon is comparatively new. In the United States,

the newly expanding demographic is so far being met with economic

responses: How do we profit from the expanding demographic? And how do we

absorb the economic strains it creates?

Of course, seniors often come out ahead economically, with senior citizens'

discounts, insurance packages, and vacation deals. However, these

"benefits" do not encompass the larger picture of societal, psychological,

emotional, developmental, and spiritual needs.

Aging boomers will push for change in these areas, challenging the business

arena and social services to examine how seniors can make a difference by

bringing society a broader value reference and experience. And boomers will

likely bring about new services that support continued "whole person

development" in the golden years.

Further, the confluence of the demographic shift with various medical and

holistic trends and breakthroughs may change what it means and how it

feelsto be "old." A few of these breakthroughs are already filtering

through to the mainstream:

New understandings about the functionality of the aging brain what keeps it

vital will emerge with in-depth exploration of circuitry reinvigoration,

mind enliveners, and the importance of physical, emotional, and social


New confirmations and developments in the mindbody connection will bring

greater acceptance of and authority to alternative and holistic methodologies.

New models of multigenerational communities will be established where

seniors will get involved, interact, and assist with the whole gamut of

societal needs, including early childhood development. In essence, the

suburban model of isolated living will be challenged by more-communal,

more-symbiotic models.

A wider understanding of the process of grief, death, and dying will bring

fuller value and appreciation for aging with dignity.

Western society will increasingly embrace belief systems that give credence

to life after death. Alongside a growing interest in near-death

experiences, Eastern traditions, and psychics, there will be new scientific

attempts to quantify the continuance of life and the nature of existence in

a different realm.

Far from being removed from the generative epicenter of society, the "vital

aged" will open new considerations of life before death. As more older

people choose to delay retirement (or cannot afford to retire), they will

refuse to be classified as "out of the game" or as a prob1cm that society

needs to solve. They will bring the "golden" experience back into the

evolving dynamic of cultural metamorphosis.

Aviv Shahar is president of Amber Network, a leadership training organization that specializes in whole person development. His address is P.O. Box 1125, Woodville, Washington 98072. Telephone 1-425-41 5-61 55; Web site http://www.ambercoaching.com/; e-mail aviv@ambercoaching.com.

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