The Most Important Asset

by | Aug 26, 2003 | Archives

Recessions and depressions are the breeding ground for the next group of extreme rich. What asset is required to be one of those who rise highest from the ash? Those who will succeed will need more than money. Those who succeed need a deep curiosity to see what changes will take place, a burning desire to be a part in the recovery process and a great deal of energy and vitality. Because of this I want to share a story that explains why Merri and I have been investing heavily in the Wellness Revolution and are putting even more in our own good health bank. Having lots of money in the bank doesn't mean a thing if we have no zest and energy to spend or invest it or it all gets spent for prescriptions and health care.

Merri and I have enormous energy vitality and enthusiasm, running the farm and our publishing business on our own. Many are amazed at what we get done. At a time when many our age are thinking retirement, we feel we are just getting started. Plus despite our heavy workload and travel schedule we seem to be getting younger. Many delegates who have not seen us for a few years tell us they would not have recognized us.

Yet this is a time when many of our friends are rapidly deteriorating both in energy and appearance.

We have a continual program of nutrition, exercise and meditation, but one core in this discipline that brings this energetic success is Amazon Birm so let me share how this wonderful elixir came to us and can now come to you. Having been an investment newsletter writer and publisher for nearly thirty years, led me to better health instead of wealth. Looking for new places to invest was almost a habit and this is how we discovered Ecuador. In our journeys there we became fascinated with the fact that some of the valleys in Ecuador have special qualities that enhance longevity. Residents in these valleys reach extreme ages.

Further research brought us to an article written in the January 1973 National Geographic entitled, “Every Day Over 100 is a Gift” written by Dr. Alexander Leaf. This article was written about the three valleys-one in Georgia (Balkans), one in Pakistan (Hunza) and the valley of Vilcabamba, where 1,080 people per 100,000 lived on average to be 100. These valleys offered not only ideal living conditions, but special waters acclaimed to assist long life. The special waters were created by the rich volcanic soils and thus minerals and elements that helped sustain extraordinary longevity and health permeated everything, the water, plants, every aspect of the food chain.

This greatly peaked my curiosity. Was there knowledge about these valleys that needed to be shared so everyone could know better ways to live longer and be healthier? Diet, exercise, living in the right climate at the right altitude all seemed to be important. But not everyone could hike into this valley! We knew there was something more, a special quality of minerals in the soil the permeated the water, the plants the animals and every aspect of the food chain.

This was great we thought, but how can we get this when we are not in the valleys?Though we never gave up the search we found the discovery of how to get these rare minerals through AMAZON BIRM in a totally unexpected way. Our discovery came as a coincidence during a business trip in the busy city of Quito.

Our business in Ecuador is partly focused on helping North American businesses find products to export from Ecuador. One day while in Quito, a business acquaintance asked us to talk to a friend who wanted to export a food supplement called AMAZON BIRM. The friend turned out to be the chief oncologist for the largest hospital in Quito and he told us of a food supplement he had developed from an Amazonian plant extract. He called the extract Bio Immune Response Modulator (BIRM). He had been testing and using the product for many years to help his cancer patients. The Dr explained that BIRM is not a cancer cure but so enhances the immune system that many patients cure themselves. He explained that many of his patients also used BIRM to enhance their vitality and that it has anti aging qualities that could be enjoyed.

We decided to try BIRM ourselves. After a couple of days we felt tiredness but then found ourselves feeling much like we had after we returned from the sacred valley. My weight started dropping. Muscle mass and skin tone built though we did not add any new exercises.

We began sharing BIRM with a few of our friends and heard back similar stories from those who were well. From others we heard incredible stories. We saw one friend on his death bed with Lymphoma have a miraculous cure in 18 days. Another who was quadriplegic with MS had such a recovery that she can now stand alone. But mostly the stories were about feeling better, having more energy, sex drive, clearer mind, strength, endurance and feeling and looking younger.

This is when we decided to make BIRM available as a food supplement in the U.S. and Canada and negotiated a North American distributorship. BIRM has the potential to be of assistance in diseases in which the immune system is implicated as a contributing factor. The medical doctor in Ecuador has gathered data which indicates possible value in conditions of overactive and underactive immune system such as AIDS, Allergic States, Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Hepatitis, and Lupus like diseases. Recently a scientific study at University of Miami Medical School demonstrated that BIRM is a potent orally active anti-neoplastic agent, which primarily affects caspase-mediated apoptosis and inhibits metastasis by inhibition of hyaluronidase, an ECM-degrading enzyme implicated in tumor angiogenesis and metastasis.

You can read this study at are in the process of verification but do not believe that BIRM is a panacea. It is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any condition and should not be viewed as a substitute for orthodox medical treatments. If you have any health concerns that need medical attention we can refer you or your MD to one of several Doctors who are using BIRM as a plant-derived nutritional supplement which may safely be used as a complementary treatment because BIRM assists the body's natural healing processes.

But for those who simply want to feel better, to have more energy and vitality and feel and look younger AMAZON BIRM may help. Best of all you will normally see results within 18 days, though to give it a fair trial it should be taken for a minimum of three months.

The Ecuadorian Doctor who introduced us to AMAZON BIRM has reported to us that in the many years of its use in Ecuador there have been no adverse side-effects nor any toxicity. However, every human being is unique in our holistic view, and if any unusual symptoms or signs develop it should be discontinued.

BIRM is sold (mainly as part of a treatment for cancer, aids and other immune related diseases) in Germany and Japan for $500 a bottle, but Merri and I want to make this available to anyone who wants it at a reasonable price. Therefore the good news is we have arranged for AMAZON BIRM to offered here for $65 per bottle (between one and two months supply). The bad news is that the supply is quite limited. AMAZON BIRM is a natural plant extract that comes from a rare species of plant that grows in only one small part of the Amazon so consequently we cannot guarantee having more than 200 bottles a month.

With in mind we have created a program where, after a month's trial, you can have an entire year's supply shipped direct from the Amazon. You can order a bottle AMAZON BIRM on line for $65 (plus shipping+handling) or by fax at 336-384-1577 or send your check payable to International Service Center to Merri Scott, 157 Little Horse Path, Lansing NC 28643. Order a year's supply for $780 (12 bottles) (plus shipping+handling) which will assure your supply.

You can also learn more directly from BIRM's creator Dr Edwin Cevalos at our upcoming Global Health Secrets course in Ecuador. For details go to these troubled time we all need an extra edge to make positive contributions that also increase our wealth. The added energy you gain from AMAZON BIRM is very special and Merri and are pleased to share it with you.