Healthy Investing=Wealth #13

by | Aug 21, 2003 | Archives

Ancient green fingers sway, singing in a gentle sun. Nature's lullaby calls as tiny wrens flit on giants near meadow's edge. Silent songs of nature sing. Sitt'n on the porch in the afternoon sun I'm about to nap in peace when a sudden crack cuts harshly through this peace like a knife stabbing into my heart. The loggers have struck again and as each falling hardwood becomes timber I am reminded of the potential of investing in wood that will not be cut.

Over the last several weeks a couple of loggers have been ravaging the hillside nearby a neighbor's roadway as they clear cut the forest there. The ability of three men with a caterpillar, chained skidder and some saws to decimate a glorious forest into a pile of mud, slash and debris is incredible. Each falling tree grabbed at my soul and I was angry. So I walked off my wooden porch attached to my wooden house, strode over my wooden bridge and hiked up wooden steps here to my all hardwood office. Suddenly I thought “Jeeze”, those guys are working for people just like me who create the demand. The loss of that forest is not their fault, it's mine and all the others who use ever increasing amounts of wood. This reminded me of the urgent need for forest mitigation and sustainable forestry. There needs to be a balance between our need to use wood and our need to have forests. Fortunately there are ways we can work towards better wood equilibrium in a profitable way.

I have been writing about investing in wood for years. You can read some of my past messages at the links below. One way to invest in a greener environment is through teak sustainable plantations in Ecuador. If there is going to be a demand for wood then let's at least plant it in easy to reach places away far from the rain forests and leave the ancient natural woods alone. Two former Ecuadorian bankers I have known for years, Robert Montgomery and Paul Palacios, are doing just that. You can see details of their latest teak plantations in Spanish and English at can learn more about investing in teak at our upcoming International Business Made EZ course in Ecuador this February 13-15. For details go to hope to see you there.

Until the next message may all your forests be forever.