Most Powerful Secret in the World

by | Aug 20, 2003 | Archives

Milky blankets of white cream float on a sea of black. Stars glitter in icy pride, diamonds of reflection, ancient runes that speak of millenniums past.

Merrily Farms lays in one of the darkest parts of the U.S. so far from any town that it is truly dark here at night. This means that clear nights are a treat. Things forgotten in the city, like the Milky Way and the fainter stars, glow bright, full in their pride here. I get lost in this magnificence and wonder at how ancient this light is that strikes my eyes. Some of what I am seeing took place millions of years ago. This nearly staggers my imagination.

Yet as vast as this sky is, as ancient as the light, none of it compares to the power of the wonder that lies within us that we call “imagination”. Our intention, our images at the deepest level literally create our universe. This is why doctors work so well (good and bad) in the western world. They believe in themselves and their patients believe in them too. Society has imbedded a set of ideas and values within us that are very real. Words such as virus, cancer, etc. have developed a meaning at our deepest level so if someone whom we believe says, “You have cancer”, that can create certain belief patterns (frequencies) to work at our Quantum core. This belief then creates the physical manifestation of what we believe. This becomes even subtler at the levels of medical testing. If we take a test for PSA as an example and the piece of paper that comes to the doctor says this value is high, we could begin to believe we have cancer.

In Quantum terms, one could say we move into a universe where this condition exits. This seems to counter intuition to be real, but if Quantum scientists are to be believed, then a multiverse exists.

The book “Healer, Shaman and Sage” (given to me by a good friend) shows that many indigenous cultures view themselves as energetic beings that have created a physical form. This is compared to the Western philosophy that we are physical forms with an energetic portion. (Quantum science by the way sort of supports the former.) Thus in Western medicine we have this concept of testing our form to look for illness (which we then give names to). We have devised a series of tests each that gives us a clue that some physical imbalance might exist, such as a mammogram, PSA, etc. An along with these tests, the system has created acronyms…easily spit out, easily remembered for most of these diseases..CFS, AAD, CHF, etc. Unfortunately, these can easily stick into our memory.

There are other cultures that believe that all illnesses are energetic imbalances. Their mindset is that we as energetic beings have energy from a cosmic consciousness (call it the Quantum Field, Godhead or whatever). They believe that this is a source of universal energy and that we can at any time balance these imbalances.

They see this process we call life as a continual blending of energy (or differing frequencies) through the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, sights we see, sounds we hear, stimulation we feel, smells we snort, etc. The energy we pick up at the Quantum level is through our Chakras. (There are seven main charkas and these Chakras process the energy through specific points of the spinal column.) Each of these specific points of the spinal column is connected to an organ or gland. By looking at clues about the balance of these charkas we can see the balance of each organ. For example what the doctors called Leukemia is an imbalance in the spleen and blood. By rebalancing these elements, the symptoms and manifestation can be dramatically reduced or even go away. This not to say by any means that we should abandon Western medicine. Many parts of it work very well (though a leading cause of death in the industrialized world today is incorrect or excessive prescriptions). But we can enhance our health and well being by understanding the chakras and how they balance the system.

My logical mind has a very difficult time grappling with these ideas just as it is hard for me to imagine that the light I see on starlit night is millions of years old.

Yet science suggests that both are so.

This is why our two upcoming healing courses are about attitude and its impact on health. Do we feel old, used up, unable to cope with all the change, lost, wondering where to go or what to do next? Or are we looking at tomorrow and all of its unexpected events with a sense of wonder and anticipation and excitement? The answer to this has much, much more to do with your health than the number of years you have been on this planet. We are offering two courses, the first October 3-5 conducted by Dr. John Douillard will focus on ancient wisdom derived from India and easy to do applications of this wisdom. For details go to The second, October 10-11-12 will be conducted by our old friend and nuclear physicist, Bob Shane, and looks at health through ultra-modern quantum science. For details go to hope you will join Merri and me under the stars and remember that our awareness is everything.

Until next message, may all your nights be starlit.