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by | Aug 1, 2003 | Archives

Morning mists of early dawn lay in sheets at meadow's edge. Pale sunlight warms morning birds that dance on pine straw and applaud the rising sun. Their song is harmony with the creek rushing below, nature's, sweet symphony in tune with the freshness of this new day, pure and ready to enjoy.

North Carolina-deep in a mountain forest. The morning starts slowly in the Blue Ridge. I'm sitting in the fresh, cool air armed with a steaming mug of soy coffee to ward the morning's chill. My day's work is nearly done.

I often start writing at five, even four in the morning. I start my work early because I love doing so. I feel cozy sitting quietly in the sunrise creating thoughts and ideas to share with my readers My goal? To write four hours a day. I often finish at nine or even eight. Then, depending how the day feels, I can say that I've done enough of that type of work.

Often we'll head off to one of our meadows for an afternoon's work. We do mostly what we feel. If the kids or grandkids are visiting, we'll play. Other days, I just putter. Some days I take out a canvas and paint or concentrate on playing my flute. Other days, I just sit in the sun and read. Through publishing and writing my wife, Merri and I have become wealthy beyond our dreams. More important we have become self-fulfilled!

You too can become a writer, publisher or a self- publisher, make millions (if you wish) and most important, be self-fulfilled too.

It is easy to reach such goals through publishing. There is a simple step-by-step way you can succeed in a publishing business and I would like to share a way to do something you love and make a profit in the process!

If you decide to have your own publishing business, you can have a schedule that suits you. You don't even have to write!

If all above is true, you are probably thinking that publishing is a pretty good deal. But the day described is not a total description of what I do. What I really do is even better!

The day I described is the way we live in North Carolina. I lived differently Ecuador where we have an 400+ acre plantation and can watch the sun set over majestic Andean mountains. There our schedule is even more exotic and relaxed.

This may not be the way you want to live, but the point is that with a publishing business you can choose to live just about anywhere, in anyway you wish! I have lived in some of the most crowded cities in the world (London and Hong Kong) and now choose to live in some of the most isolated wilderness one can find. Both work and work well for my publishing business. Publishing means money, but it also means freedom.

Choice of home sites is not the only freedom either. We travel as well…sometimes, a hundred thousand miles or more every year. We travel all over the world and almost always come back from each trip with more money than when we started. All because of publishing. Also because of publishing, wherever I go, there are friends and clients to meet. People that respect me, and people I respect. To top this all off, almost every trip we take is tax deductible!

This is the lifestyle a publisher can have. You can make a fortune, gain friends, prestige, work to your own schedule and gain enormous tax benefits too. Another and perhaps the most important factor is the respect you gain from publishing and the fact that you can make a difference when you send out a message. The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

It won't take you a lifetime either. My wife and I started our self-publishing business. but this took us years. Today, we have multiple homes, no mortgages, money in the bank and much, much more income than outgo. However you can no learn from us as we have a complete program to help you get start in the publishing business. But I have not touched on the two most important reasons for being a publisher. More important than the money, the freedom, prestige and the tax benefits is the satisfaction!

Another great joy is that my wife and I get to do all of this together. I joyfully admit my publishing business may not have succeeded at all had Merri not been there to help me. Publishing gives us common interests many couples never have a chance to share. We never come home from work not understanding what the other has gone through. We enhance one another and this has added a greater dimension to our relationship. We have so much in common through the business. This business is perfect for us both. We make the business better by operating as a team. The business makes us better together helping us to achieve common goals. Its possible that a couple can live and work at home if they choose.

But can publishing be good for you?

Turn Your Passion into Profit

Most people spend most of their times doing things they do not feel good about. Since what they are doing is not satisfying, they cannot love it, have a feel for it or let it be a full part of their lives. They cannot get into their work so it becomes boring and they don't want to be doing what they are.

Don't get me wrong, you don't have to get into publishing just to be passionate. You can make a fortune in publishing (of course I can get passionate about that) but there is more to it than just the money. You can be involved in the things that interest you the most.

Here are a few interesting Publishing Points to consider. The information industry has become one-half of our gross national product…making publishing the ULTIMATE business. The Great American Dream still exists! Being a publisher means that you start at the top and work with the things that YOU find interesting. People love you when you write about them, countries love you, businesses love you! Guess what? Not one person cares about whether you are educated, young or old, your sex or your race!If you would like me to explain how you can have your own publishing business just drop me a note at and I'll send detail about how I can help you get started in your own business now, even if you don't want to be a writer.

Until next week may all your good passions be inflamed and fulfilled!