Serious trouble from the Controllers

by | Jul 29, 2003 | Archives

Many of our messages over past months have focused on how to cash in the wellness industry and on how to sidestep controllers who manipulate us. We have talked about how to avoid and unmask these through Sharing Power.

Suddenly (or not so suddenly) these two components of life have crossed. The controllers are busy at work in the wellness industry. The picture is not pretty.

The July 22 message reviewed how the wellness industry is growing in two sectors, natural and scientific. Scientific advances include fast growing sectors of cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology (such as botox), voluntary eye surgery, (lasik, etc.), genetic engineering (sex selection and fertility enhancement), cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, and voluntary pharmaceuticals (Viagra, Rogaine) etc.

The natural industry (where Merri and I fit) includes health care and nutritional education, food supplements, vitamins and minerals, preventative medicine, wellness insurance, fitness clubs, trainers, coaches, fitness equipment, health foods, health food restaurants and weight loss products.

One difference between the two is that scientific systems try to understand an aspect of reality and manipulate it. The natural end is more intent on understanding the whole picture and getting in tune with it.

The proponents of these two sectors are sometimes at odds. MDs ruled most of the medical world for years and put other aspects of health down. In fact the AMA (American Medical Association) was even sued (and lost) by chiropractors who (correctly) claimed that the AMA purposely conspired to inhibit chiropractic business.

Recently the natural thinking has been advancing. The shift in how people live and think is enormous and new ideas that were thought of as witchcraft (such as acupuncture, food supplements and energetic healing) just a few years ago are now nearly mainstream.

The stakes are huge and growing and already represents 200 billion a year in sales (half the sale of automobiles). So the struggle between the two has turned nasty.

A key theme in the industrial revolution has been short- term thinking. Business usually looks at only the financial bottom line and politicians look only at how they can get into or stay in office right now. Let me give you just a few examples by quoting my course Sharing Power that shows how in each industrial revolution the Controllers greatly manipulate politicians and the public for short-term gains.

You can learn how to protect yourself from controllers at

Sharing Power quotes the book, Tesla, Man out of Time by Margaret Chaney that tells how malicious industrial heroes (Controllers) can be. This was the age of electrification and the story tells of the battle between George Westinghouse, Thomas Edison and J. Pierpont Morgan. Nicholas Tesla, a brilliant scientist had discovered alternating current and Edison was promoting his own direct current system so the battle was over whose systems would become the standard.

Edison was a brutal competitor and would do anything to win. George Westinghouse had purchased the rights to Tesla's AC system and the two were competing. The quotes I use show only a couple of the tricks that Edison and later Morgan used to beat Tesla and Westinghouse.

“Edison had been laying the groundwork for his vendetta for two years. Soon his propaganda machine at Menlo Park began grinding out a barrage of alarmist materials about the dangers of alternating current. As Edison saw it if accidents caused by AC must, if not found, be manufactured and the public alerted to the hazards.

“At West Orange, NJ, families living in the neighborhood of Edison's huge laboratory began to notice that their pets were vanishing. Soon they found out why. Edison was paying schoolboys twenty-five cents a head for dogs and cats which he electrocuted in deliberately crude experiments with AC. At the same time he issued scare leaflets with the word WARNING in red letters at the top. The gist of the message; if the public is not alerted they might find themselves terminally 'Westinghoused'.

“In addition to waging a virulent campaign in press, pamphlet and by word of mouth, Edison initiated Saturday demonstrations for newspaper reporters with strong stomachs. He called them in to witness the frightened dogs and cats that schoolboys have snatched off the streets being shoved on top a sheet of metal to which were attached wires from an AC generator with a current of 1000 volts.”

Evidently Edison was not content to fry the neighbor's pets in front of the pets. The story next unfolds how he decided to use his political manipulation to fry people. Here is what the book reviews what Edison's employee Harold P. Brown did:

“Brown managed by subterfuge to buy a license to sue three of Tesla's patents without Westinghouse knowing of their intended purpose. Brown then made a trip to Sing Sing prison. Shortly afterwards the prison authorities announced that the death house would carry out future executions not by hanging but by electrocution, and more specifically by alternating currency courtesy of Westinghouse patents. Prior to the next execution Brown went on the road with Edison's traveling show. On stage he electrocuted a number of calves and large dogs with AC and referred to having 'Westinghoused them'!

“New York State prison authorities announced the first scheduled electrocution of a condemned murder. One William Kemmler would die on August 6, 1890-'Westinghoused'. Kemmler was strapped into the chair, and the switch was thrown. But Edison's engineers, all their experiment having been on smaller creatures had erred. The electric charge was too weak and the condemned man was only half killed. The dreadful spectacle had to be repeated. A reporter described it as an awful spectacle, far worse than hanging.”

Sounds bad? Well the controllers had just began, because Edison was so intent on destroying Westinghouse that he let his own business get in trouble and when he could not pay his bankers was taken over by a J.P Morgan run group and consolidated with another competitor (also taken over by Morgan) and renamed General Electric.

Morgan's tact was even more brutal and took place in the markets, in the streets and at the legislative level. The book explains how Morgan's employee Charles A. Coffin ruined businesses so they could be taken over. Then it explains the tricks they used to trap communities into higher fees.

“First they lent money to the electrical firms using company shares as collateral. Then the numerous Morgan firms and allies started rumors to drive the shares down and place the borrower in default. Then Morgan foreclosed and took over the firm. Once in control Morgan's people believed in the advantages of “Boodle”. For example Morgan controlled firms asked Westinghouse to raise the price of streets lights from $6 to $8 so they could pay $2 in boodle to city aldermen and other politicians without losing a cent in profit.

To Westinghouse's credit, he would not do this so the House of Morgan turned upon him in money markets. “From all the stock market sub-cellars and rat holes of State, Broad and Wall streets crept those wriggling, slimy snakes of bastard rumors” wrote Thomas Lawson in Frenzied Finance. Morgan tried to bring Westinghouse down but failed. Because Nicolas Tesla agreed to forgo millions, maybe even billions in royalties that would be due him Westinghouse was able to win its war with Morgan and AC power became the dominant source of electrical supply around the world.

This may be good or bad. Perhaps in the overall view, DC power would have been better. Tesla also ended up a poor underfinanced scientist. Who knows what benefits mankind lost because his brilliance was underfinanced?

The point, however, is to show how today's national leaders came into power and to explain the dirty tricks that controllers play. This has been shared to prepare you for tomorrow's message, which outlines a similar line of dirty tricks that controllers are trying to play on us right now. Don't miss it!

Until then, may things that control you be yours. Your friend in the search for truth,