Healthy Investing=Wealth #10

by | Jul 23, 2003 | Archives

We are in the fifth year of a ten to 15 year bear cycle. This is a natural cycle that has been going on for 100 years and will be followed by a 12 to 20 year bull cycle. Such is the nature of things.

Each of these cycles begins when some new technology changes the way man thinks, works, lives, plays and acts. For example, this last era has been the Information Era, but this era has peaked. We can still make money in Microsoft and the dotcoms. But the really easy big billions have already past in the Information Era.

We can understand this more clearly if we look at each of these industrial waves beginning with water, textiles and iron. This wave started the industrial revolution in the 1700s. The second wave was fueled by steam, rail and steel and began in the mid 1800s. The third wave began in the early 1900s and came from the introduction of electricity, chemicals and the internal combustion engine. The fourth wave of petrochemicals, electronics and aviation started about 1945 and the fifth wave which we are now in is run by computers, digital networks, software-new media really began to hum in the early 1980s.

Each wave has been shorter and sharper. Each series of innovations has saturated the market faster than in the previous wave. Each wave seems affected by time and if we really think about this what each wave did was reduce the value of time. Railroads allowed us to cross nations faster. Cars enhanced this a lot as did the TV, telephone and jet. Then came the computer and the net. They really saved time!

This is one reason why I believe that the wellness industry will play such an important part in the next wave of growth. We have so many time-savings devices and use so many of them that we have no time left! Think about this and tomorrow learn how time will affect investments you make in the years ahead. Until then, may you always have time enough.