Healthy Investing=Wealth #9

by | Jul 22, 2003 | Archives

We saw yesterday that the wellness industry is growing in two sectors. These sectors are the natural and scientific. In the scientific field some of the fast growing sectors are cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology (such as botox) voluntary eye surgery, (such as lasik, etc.), genetic engineering (sex selection and fertility enhancement), cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, and voluntary pharmaceuticals (Viagra, Rogaine) etc.

The natural industry (which is the place where Merri and I fit) includes health care and nutritional education, food supplements, vitamins and minerals, preventative medicine, wellness insurance, fitness clubs, trainers, coaches, fitness equipment, health foods, health food restaurants and weight loss products.

Often the proponents of these two sectors are at odds (we are of course on the natural side), but the reality is that each sector is huge and growing and already represents 200 billion a year in sales (half the sale of automobiles).

Merri's and my business are a testimony to this fact. Feeling this trend a decade ago we expanded our focus from just how to profit from international investing to global health secrets. Today our health products, courses and tours are stronger than we could ever believe! We have learned many ways and excellent products through the care of our own health on strenuous international schedules.

So as you look for equity investments that will have real growth in the years ahead, look at companies that have shifted into the health care industry. When you think wealth, just shift your perspective a bit and think health!

Good health gives us more energy, clearer heads and more time and time is really what this all about as you will se in tomorrow’s message. Until next message, good investing!