Healthy Investing=Wealth #6

by | Jul 17, 2003 | Archives

Recent messages have reviewed opportunity in the wellness industry. We can see the power of this idea is confirmed in many, many ways. Take, for example, how the Canadian publisher of the latest Harry Potter book worked with conservation groups to produce an ancient forest friendly edition of the Order of the Phoenix.

The marketing story was that by purchasing the Canadian edition of the new Harry Potter book, readers helped protect boreal forests, important habitat for North American songbirds and waterfowl.

The marketing story went like this. “The forest at Hogwarts is home to magical creatures like unicorns and centaurs. Because the Canadian editions are printed on Ancient-Forest Friendly paper, the Harry Potter books are helping to save magnificent forests in the muggle world, forests that are home of magical animals such as Orangutans, Wolves and Bears. It's a good idea to respect ancient trees, especially if they have a temper like the Whomping Willow.” – J.K. Rowling

The publishers believed they would succeed because they printed an initial run of 930,000 books of the Canadian edition and claimed that by using this approach theyMade the following ecological savings:

  • 29,640 trees
  • 12,417,986 gallons of water (water to fill 31 Olympic sized swimming pools)
  • 1,396,732 pounds of solid waste (equivalent mass to 155 average female elephants)
  • 20,248 BTUs of electricity(195 years of electricity to powerthe average American home)
  • 2,679,548 pounds of greenhouse gases (2.4 million miles traveled by car with average fuel efficiency)

The point is clear: health, wellness, human rights, environmental friendliness, wildlife conservation, simplicity and reduction of materialism sells!

The marketing for these environmentally favorable books also added to the information below.

“For more information on the Ancient Forest Friendly Harry Potter visit To order the Ancient Forest Friendly Harry Potter, look for the Canadian edition online from or you can write a letter thanking J.K. Rowling and Raincoast Books for helping Harry use his magical powers to protect the world's forests, via Raincoast Books, 9050 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver, BC Canada V6P 6E5. You also can write a letter to the U.S. publisher of Harry Potter,Richard Robinson, CEO, Scholastic 557 Broadway, New York, New York10012, urging them to follow Raincoast Books' lead and print future print runs of Harry Potter on paper that is free of endangered forest fiber.”

Another point here is also clear. Businesses that do not add these features to their products and services will lose a competitive edge. When you look to invest, think health and wellness. There is wealth in health!

Until next message, may all your health and wealth be good.