Healthy investing brings wealth

by | Jul 8, 2003 | Archives

In 1968, I jumped on the leading edge of the investing community and began predicting that investments outside the United States made sense. The idea could not have been better. In the 70s our readers learned how to invest in places like Germany, Australia, Switzerland and Japan.

Then the world changed and the Tigers (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea) became the hot markets I wrote about. The 90s led investors into South America. Many investors who followed this path made fortunes. This is not to say that all readers made fortunes. Matching markets with what one knows and what one needs is so important that some investors lose even with the best deals. The point is that though it's not possible to guide every investor to the very best investment all the time, I have been very good at picking long term trends. I have been watching investment developments all over the world for 35 years and am always asking, “What's next?” Having done this for such a long time, my sense of when a market or market sector is ready to boom has become pretty keen.

This is why I am excited about the big boom that has started in the field of health. I have written about this already, but there is much more to say. Two articles in the July 1st USA Today confirmed what I already knew. Healthy eating is now becoming more than a fad.

The first article, a front page feature, stated that Kraft Foods is making a big switch to healthier foods and that every product it produces will be reviewed to meet Kraft's stricter nutritional guidelines. Many foods will have fat reduced by one gram or two. Sugar will be cut in many. Calorie reduction could be 5% to 10%. Portion size or count will be slimmed on many single-serve products and vending machine packages.

The second article in the business section outlined why Kraft's actions may not be altruistic. Kraft is forming a global advisory panel of nutritionists and other outsiders who over the next year will change the way Kraft makes, packages and promotes its food because they believe this is where growth will be.

McDonald's believes it too. They have an upcoming Happy Meal fruit test that may be just the beginning. The test will give consumers an option to substitute 100% juice for soft drinks. (Even in our weekly, MOUNTAIN TIMES, newspaper up here in the mountains there is an small ad offering A Health Choice at McDonald's!)

This is such a huge opportunity that I am preparing an entire report on this subject. Over the next several messages we will look at excerpts that show ways to cash in on the economic side of this upcoming health revolution. To begin, take a look at what I have written before. Go to we'll review some specific shares that make sense now. Until then may all your investing and health be good.