Ayurved and summer’s heat II

by | Jul 2, 2003 | Archives

Here are three tricks during fiery dog days that can help stop a build up of fire (pitta-heat).

The first trick is to use one of summer's greatest treats, roses. Rose is an excellent sweet that helps pacify pitta. One way to use rose is to buy a bottle of rose water (with spray pump attached) at your local health food store. Keep this in the refrigerator and when you feel hot, mist yourself with the cool scent of rose. Another way to use the cooling power of rose is to buy top quality rose oil (http://www.essentialoils.com). Add one or two drops to a quart of water and keep this in the fridge. Enjoy this cooling drink between meals. Rose petal jam is another delicious way to cool off internally. We buy it in health food stores and in Indian food shops.

Trick number two involves sweet, purple grapes. Put them in the freezer and then on those hot days just suck on them when frozen. This is a great cooling fruit treat. Avoid green grapes as they are sour which can aggravate rather than pacify pitta.

Finally the third trick especially for those who have had too much sun is to get a pint of heavy or whipping cream and refrigerate. Get a massage (or just give yourself a rubdown in the shower) with this cream. This is a wonderful, incredibly fast and most enjoyable way to take fire and heat out of the system.

Tomorrow's message shows three more great ways to reduce pitta from the body. One can make you look five years younger. Until then be cool!