Wild Strawberry Crumble

by | Jun 30, 2003 | Archives

We saw in Friday's message that eating right can make you smarter. One way to eat right is to balance the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat we consume. A good balance is three grams of carbs for each two grams of protein and one gram of fat.

One way Merri and I accomplish this is to substitute protein powder for part of the flour we cook with in waffles, pancakes, pies and such.

We use NRG protein booster which contains soy, egg and whey. A cup contains 1 gram of fat, three grams of carbohydrates and 21 grams of protein. This turns pancakes which are normally a nutritional disaster from high glycemic food into a balanced protein meal that also happens to taste lighter and better.

This spring has been special at the farm because our fields are covered in wild strawberries. Normally we see a few, but the birds get most of them. This year brought a bumper crop, so we want to share a recipe for the wild strawberry pie we so much enjoy! These small, sweet, succulent drops of strawberries are so delicious, plus they are fun and beautiful to pick and eat!!!


#1: Several acres of wild strawberries set deep in the woods.

#2: A clear sunshiny spring day.

#3: A couple of hours to stroll deeply intent on looking for tiny red

morsels hidden amidst green.

#4: Wild strawberries.

#5: Bit of natural sweetener (we use succanat).

#6: A touch of lime.

#7: Half cup of flour.

#8: Half cup of NRG protein powder.

#9: Enough milk to mix it all up.

#10: A touch of olive oil.

To cook.

#1: Substitute any fresh berry for items 1 to 4 if they are not available

(we will shift to wild blackberries for #4 soon). Of course if you are

missing these valuable items you are always welcome to visit us at the farm.

#2: Mix the flour, protein powder, milk, olive oil, natural sweetener

together. Place the washed berries gently into an oven safe dish. Then

spoon the protein powder blend on top. Cook until crust is brown on

top....This creates a delicious, low calorie treat that everyone loves when

we serve it here at the farm.

If you are a fresh cream addict, join the club, but use only a dollop. Better still add just a touch of low fat sour cream.

And imagine this might even make you smarter!

Until next message may all your treats be healthy and good, because this is smart!