by | Jun 27, 2003 | Archives

Health and wealth are connected and past messages have shown that restricting calories will add years to your life. Now we have learned that eating right can make our businesses better as well.

A new study in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology suggests it can protect brain cells from aging and improve brain function as well.

Scientists fed some rats an unrestricted diet and others a diet with 40% fewer calories. The rats on an unrestricted diet had a 60% decrease in a protein that protects cells from injury, while the calorie-restricted rats experienced an increase in the protective protein and a decrease in DNA fragmentation (which is a good indicator of cell death).

Count this as one more health benefit from eating less. If calorie restriction is not for you, there is evidence you can get the same benefits from short-term fasts. Try eating nothing for one day every couple of weeks. Remember to drink plenty of water when you fast.

In short if you eat less and better you will be smarter in business and investing as well as the important things of life. See Monday's message for one way to eat a fruit pie and still keep your calories down! Until then, smart investing to you. Gary