Definition of Good Health

by | Jun 23, 2003 | Archives

Friday's message shows how ideas relating to health and wealth seem to conflict. How can a person who weighs 130 pounds too much be in good health? What is good health? See the only definition I have ever seen below.

Jay Glaser explained at the recent rejuvenation course here at the farm that in his 30 years of practicing medicine he had only found one definition of health.

Imagine this! With all the ideas and procedures and medicines that exist, there is no one universal definition of good health. This is exceptional.

The one definition that does exist was written by Shusruta an ancient Vedic surgeon. This definition, which has lasted for thousands of years, fortunately is good and here it is:

"Perfect health is the correct balance of tissue, fire, excretion, organs 

of action and total coordination between the cosmic self, senses and mind."

Simple and to the point we can spend our lifetimes working on this!

Until next message, may your health be perfect.