Essentials for wealth and health

by | Jun 20, 2003 | Archives

The U.S. government has recently declared war…on American fat. Someone should as obesity is one of the entire Western world's greatest security, social, health and economic risks. All the terrorists on earth cannot even dream of killing as many westerners as the fast food industries such as McDonalds, Burger King and such. However Wall Street seems to think that America will lose this war.

A recent issue of USA Today outlines how Krispy Kreme is one of the hottest businesses and shares around. In case you don't know…Krispy Kreme makes donuts. They sell caffeine, sugar, flour and grease, all lumped up in a delicious package. Tastes great! Doesn't kill immediately either. At least donuts don't kill as fast as a machine gun. But ask any M.D. what eating a few of these each day does to your health.

So what's up? The Fed says trim down. Investors flock to one of the most fattening businesses around. I don't get it!

Plus Americans aren't buying the idea that their idols should be thin either. The same issue of USA Today pointed out that Americans selected Ruben Studdard as their top choice in the popular reality show “American Idol”. This new hero stands 6 foot 4 inches, but at 350 pounds is obese. He should weigh about 210 pounds. So what is the market telling us?

Here are the three rules of investing that these ironies suggest.

#1: Be contrarian. If the government says “we want people to get thin”, invest fat.

#2: Mankind has proven he can achieve the impossible but to date has never been able to overcome the inconvenient. (Krispy Kreme is so easy and quick!)

#3: Never underestimate the power of western addictions and western marketing.

Here are deeper laws of wealth. Be wise as most of the world will not be. Seek your own counsel. Most counselors have an agenda that does not match yours. Finally, do what you love and enjoy and follow the golden rules of investing which is to do and invest in what you love. (Apparently lots of Americans love Krispy Kreme).

Ruben Studdard the American Idol does this as well. Though I do not like the image he projects to our children, the National Society to Advance Fat People (yes, this society does exist) does. They say, “He is true to himself and despite his obesity is becoming wealthy.”

He commented about this by saying, “I'm cool. I've always believed in being true to myself. If it becomes a health issue, I'll deal with it. But I'm healthy and plan to stay that way.”

So one final lesson is that we had better define good health. Because I disagree, anyone who is 130 pounds overweight is not healthy! We'll look at the only definition of perfect health I have seen in Monday's upcoming message.

Until then good health and wealth to you.