Who are controllers?

by | Jun 18, 2003 | Archives

In my novel, The 65th Octave, there are 65 families called the controllers trying to control the world. This is not all fiction as you will see. Have a series of families or organizations knitted together to slowly take over the economies of the world?

I don't think so, not in the predetermined sense that some conspiracy theorists suggest. I have heard that groups such as the Illuminati, Tri-lateralists, etc. have a century's long plan to dominate every aspect of our wealth, culture and even our thoughts.

My observation from dealing with thousands of wealthy clients does not let me quite believe this. My readers have great difficulties simply trying to pass wealth from father to son much less a whole system that can dominate the world. I find it hard to believe in a system or plan that has enough cohesion to hang together that long. The nature of humans is for our youngsters to rebel. Those who try to dominate the world have kids with more sense or less organization. I just doubt that some sinister plan could last.

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