Three ways to better health

by | Jun 9, 2003 | Archives

At Merrily Farms we aim at maintaining good health through good sleep, correct exercise and proper diet. Here is one way we do this below.

Last week's message on health looked at ways Jay Glaser M.D. (who recently conducted his course on rejuvenation at the farm) suggests to sleep better.

Here are some tips from that same course on better ways to eat.

Blood sugar imbalances are one of the worst problems western eaters face. We are so overloaded with sugar and fast burning carbohydrates that it is difficult to keep the blood sugar from spiking. This leads to an insulin spike which in turn leads to craving for more sugar, which in turn leads to another blood sugar spike. This vicious circle goes on and on.

One good food for balancing blood sugar is Karela, known in the western world as Bitter Gourd. Cook this in mustard oil and it will help avoid this problem.

Another way to keep the blood sugar in check is to Gurmar (in Sanskrit this means sugar death). The Latin name for this is Gymnema Sylvestre. This is available in health food stores and it blocks the taste of sugar in the mouth so that cravings for sweets are reduced.

Eating in moderation is the only scientifically proven way to extend life. You feel better and think clearer too! Cut down on fast burning carbs and use these two tricks. They can extend your life by years as they expand the quality of these extra years.

Until next message may your health always be good!