Controllers on Wall Street Part II

by | Jun 4, 2003 | Archives

Last week's message about Controllers on Wall Street and unusual activity in the market evoked a flood of replies worth sharing. Here is the first reply that gives some valuable links to pursue.

(You may want to review last week's message at

Here is the first reply to review.

"Hi Gary, These links show your friend's concerns... and you find them useful...."

Another reader added this point.

"Gary, I had already heard a few weeks ago that an unknown buyer was purchasing the indexes on the stock market. This was from a Gold Bullion dealer who receives the internal brokerage reports. His suggestion was the Fed was purchasing the stocks to hold up the stock market, and hence lift the economy. During this time FED/Govt are purchasing Gold that had previously been sold off over the years. I don't have any proof, what are your thoughts?"

More replies next week. Until then may control be yours!