Removing Ten Years

by | May 27, 2003 | Archives

The May 19 issue of Time magazine writes about the new partners to Botox (injections of dilute botulism toxin). Botox works on the forehead, but cannot be used on the lower face. This has created a boom for fillers that puff up the face and make wrinkles vanish. People all over the world are filling their faces with stuff to make them look younger.

There are four natural ways to do this without these risks. Before looking at them, let's look at the medical methods that are now being performed.

The fillers that are becoming popular include CosmoDerm (or Cosmoplast) which come from human Restylyne and Hylaform, (an acid that works on wrinkles), Artefill (microbeads of cow collagen) and Cymetra (ground up human skin). Plus there is silicon and radiance (a form of synthetic bone). Use of these fillers is up 33% this year according to time.

Looking great can make us feel better which is good. However, there is a downside. Most of these fillers, like Botox, only provide temporary benefits. Second they can be expensive. Fillers a can cost $700 to $900 and last only six months. Throw in the cost of the temporary Botox fix and you build up a substantial regular cost.

Third, and most important, these quick fixes do not address the concern of aging. One of the main reasons our faces and bodies wrinkle and sag is because of an accumulation of toxins that throw our systems out of balance. A better longer term way to look younger is to shed toxicity, balance our hormonal systems and restore good health.

Fortunately, because Merri and I have so many readers who continually show us new ideas about health and wealth, get to try numerous ways to accomplish these long term rejuvenation goals.

One way is through panchakarma. You can learn more about this is yesterday's message.

Another excellent, fillerless, face tonic is Far Infrared light which stimulates blood vessel growth and collagen production. More on this is at

I stumbled across this benefit while using infrared light to reduce jaw and sinus infections. Suddenly my skin looked tighter and fresher.

Another step towards younger skin is BIRM cream which enhances collagen production. Details about this are at

The benefit of this cream is enhanced by BIRM Oral Solution. BIRM helps modulate the immune system which in turn helps balances the entire body. To understand this better go to

Finally, one really important step to take for restoring youth, vitality and energy is to eat right! More on this is at

In the world of Texas wealth, people who put on displays of wealth who really have debt rather than assets are described as “having a big hat but no cattle”. So perhaps we should describe people with cosmetic improvements only as having “smooth skin but no health”. There are so many natural avenues to rejuvenation that don't just put more and more toxins in our bodies.

Until next message may you glowing exterior always reflect happiness and health within.