How to Reverse Evil

by | May 13, 2003 | Archives

Here is how we could overcome the “Evil Axis” simply and without war.

Perhaps it was President Reagan who began our battle with evil when he fought the Evil Empire. President Bush has extended this to the Evil Axis.

Here is a simple but powerful thought recently revealed at Keith Varnum's course conducted last week here at our farm.

When anything is bothering or hindering you, look at what is 180 degrees opposite and focus on that thought. Bring the opposite of your concern into the present and that concern can disappear.

Since we know that all of life is polarity, if we are concerned with evil, let's just reverse it 180 degrees. Evil reversed is LIVE. To eliminate evil, live and let live. Now that's a simple thought.

Until next message Merri and I urge you and the world to live and let live for just this day so we can reverse evil.