Beating SARS naturally

by | May 5, 2003 | Archives

The press seem to be focusing on worrying about SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), now that they don't have a war to beef up their headlines. Merri and I have a program to keep our immune systems in peak condition so don't give this too much concern. Life is too short to pick up every worry they put in the press! But we know many readers are concerned so asked our friend Gary Gordon, M.D., D.O. and Master Herablist, who specializes in immune defense his opinion. Here is his reply.

"Dear Merri - no one anywhere can compete with our NEW IMMUNI-T 3 and our Beyond

C and CELLFOOD for dealing with any INFECTIOUS threat to our health.

"Those who will survive the coming threats - which do not have to be

bioterrorism initiated to eliminate 30+ % of the population of the US - will

need to be in great health.

"This requires continual DETOXIFICATION and of course nothing is as great for

that as Beyond Chelation.

"Since many will not pay that price or because they do not understand that there

is NO multiple vitamin-mineral available for even 3 times the price does what

the multiple in Beyond Chelation does, they will unfortunately continue to bet

their life and trust their health to far less effective products.

"We can however get EVERYONE to have on hand our 300 count new economy size of

EDD so they can use their own sources of EPA and PRIMROSE oil and Ginkgo and

phosphatidyl serine. This costs only $24 a MONTH-just for this one ingredient

that saves Brain from Alzheimer's, etc.

"If folks want to protect their immune system they must have some form of oral

chelation daily with EDD in advance of attacks and LARGE doses in case of

attacks as the Garlic in this makes the Beyond C and the New Immuni-t 3 and cell

food save even MORE lives".

Sincerely Garry Gordon MD"


For a catalogue of immune system products developed by Dr. Garry Gordon, Maca, Immuni-t 3, BC and Beyond Chelation and perfect food.