Have Good Health When You are All Wet

by | Apr 25, 2003 | Archives

Our diet has a vital impact on our energy, and the types of food we should eat alters with each season. Yesterday's message looked at some basic principles of nutritional health. Today we see how to maintain our health in wet humid weather.

The humidity weakens the digestion in this season, aggravating vata, and creating ama. We need to practice moderation in all aspects of our life including diet and exercise.

Some hints for the Spring season:

Avoid iced drinks.

Siestas are out, as they create more heaviness in the body.

Exercise in moderation.

Use more vata-pacifying foods in the diet.

Honey is good as a sweetener.

People who consume alcohol can take a small amount, not more than a glass, and

not when it will interfere with meditation.

Hot baths and showers are important, preceded by oil massage.

Keep your living areas free of humidity.

If you do a lot of walking, if you can't stay dry, take a car or public


You can learn more from Jay Glaser's website at http://www.ayurvedamed.com/faq/86/

Until next message, may spring be in your every step.



Ayurved for Rejuvenation

Many readers have asked Merri and me what we do to have energy and good health. Our lifestyle program is aimed at helping us stay young, healthy and vital through seven practices. Our disciplines have been developed over 35 years of study while traveling and living in Asia, Europe, the Amazon and the Andes as well as in the U.S. We utilize a blend of information garnered from healers, shamans, scientists, physicians, spiritual and philosophic leaders that has evolved our long usageÖ.trial and error.

The seven practices deal with:

#1: Exercise

#2: Nutrition

#3: Purification

#4: Consciousness

#5: Rest

#6: Ritual

#7: Growth

The next course conducted by Jay Glaser (May 23,24,25) here at Merrily Farms covers all seven subjects as Jay has been instrumental in helping us learn.

This all began when the Russians & nuclear power nearly killed Merri and me. What seemed a life threatening horror was probably the best event in our lives as it introduced us to ancient medicine that brought us back to excellent health and made us better than we were. Years ago after the end of the cold war had taken place, Merri and I were nuked. Those darned Russians never dropped the bomb, but their atomic reactors were so sloppy that Chernobyl blew up. We just happened to be close enough for long enough to get a deadly dose. Fortunately our local physician was treating others (who had been in Kiev when Chernobyl went pesky) for radiation poisoning, spotted our malaise and saved our hides.

When the doctor told us we had radiation poisoning then came the question, What do we do now? Fortunately, our decision after extensive research was to attend a unique ayurvedic health center in Massachusetts where doctors were performing amazing healings on all types of famous folk.

Dr. Jay Glaser, (Dr. Deepak Chopra was another) was one of the medical directors at this center. Over the next seven years we visited this center more than a dozen times, taking courses, learning from and being worked on by these excellent physicians.

Jay Glaser has been our personal physician since and with his help, my blood pressure dropped without medication and without heavy time consuming exercise to 99/65. Merri's and my energy have expanded dramatically and we look and feel a decade or more younger than we are.

Jay is very strict about not discussing who his patients are for reasons of medical confidentiality, but Merri and I can say who we've seen at the Health Center in Massachusetts while we were there. I personally know that Jay has attended to some of the most famous business leaders, artists and other VIPs from around the world.

For example during one stay at his clinic I spent the week with the T.V. and movie star and writer, Stephen Collins http://www.stephencollins.com/. You may have seen Stephen in Seventh Heaven, Sisters, Working It Out, Tatinger's or Tales of the Golden Monkey or seen him in Star Trek, The Motion Picture or Jumpin Jack Flash or one of the many other films he has appeared in. Or perhaps you have read his novel 'Double Exposure', but I spent a week, receiving treatments, meditating and dining three times a day with Steve.

And I know that the suite where Merri and I always stayed at Jay's center was originally designed for Elizabeth Taylor and that industry leaders and artists such as George Harrison (Beatles), Michael Jackson and Michael Milken have also used this room as well as members of the British Royal family. The list could go on, but I believe the point is clear. Jay Glaser is no ordinary M.D.

This is why it is my great pleasure to inform you that each of these healers will conduct a course at Merrily Farms this year. Jay Glaser conducts “Ayurvedic Medicine for Chronic Disorders and Rejuvenation” Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 23-25.

The knowledge he will share with us is unique and all encompassing and as mentioned covers all seven of the areas we practice for our health and longevity. Merri and I have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars learning what you will be able to gain in a condensed, life-improving course here at the farm. I hope you will join us and sign up soon as space is extremely limited.

You can learn more about Jay Glaser from his C.V. Read a fascinating diary of a healing trip that Jay just conducted in India. Courses with Gary A. Scott

Full details of courses including “Ayurved for Rejuvenation” with Jay Glaser, MD this spring at the farm…are available in the courses section.