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Here is a message that won't make any sense today. Yet the follow up could change your entire investing perspective. Don't miss this quiz.

Dear International Friend,

Here is a short poem:

To see the World in a Grain of SandAnd a heaven in a Wild FlowerHold Infinity in the palm of your handAnd Eternity in an hour.

Who wrote the poem and what could this possibly have to do with investing? The answer is important so let me know at The answer that in my humble (but sole) opinion best describes how this can impact your investing wins a $100 scholarship to any course at the farm this year.

Have a good weekend and let me know your answer. I will then explain why investors err and why they succeed, what this poem means to your portfolio and share the best replies from all of you. The contest ends Monday at 10 A.M. Merrily Farms Time.



What's it all about? We are getting calls from readers who had hoped to retire and now cannot. Many thought they were rich and now realize they are not (join Ted Turner). How can we get back to those good times they ask?

Here is a simple story that shows why it is possible to have peace, fulfillment and fun, while doing something good, despite bad economies, volatile stock markets and war.

Sometimes real wisdom comes in the most unusual ways and from unexpected places, like this story which begins deep in the Amazon as jungle noises faded into night sounds. A tropical deluge poured, but we were cozy in our netted beds. The rains were just a dance on the roof, bringing deeper sleep. Merri and I were there deep in the jungle with a group we had brought deep into the jungle to garner knowledge about every sector of life. We were looking for common threads of truth that survive the dogma and hidden agenda we all too often face in today's world.

This Amazon trip was the last leg in our trip and we were deep in the wild at the Cuyobena (Good Man) Preserve of the Sierra Sion of Ecuador, nearly a hundred miles from the nearest town. A Shaman, named Aldamar, had gathered with us round his sacred campfire, its flickering light the only respite from an inky Amazonian blackness. He had talked about how to have real freedom and what he shared can help you find everlasting wealth.

He cleansed us with leaves from the chunga bush and talked about how Mother Earth fills all his needs. Then Aldamar told us the legend of “Pachacuti” (earth turned upside down) which takes place every five hundred years when the earth has a groundswell of change. The last Pachacuti began with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. The American native's world was turned upside down. Kings and chiefs were put to death, medicine men were enslaved and order was replaced with chaos. Civilization embarked on an exploitative economic system that cannot be sustained. The prophecies are that the next major change comes in the year 2012. How odd that the timing in these dreams and legends of the Shamans, Yatchaks and Curanderos perfectly matches the time when baby boomers (the epoch of this Pachacuti) will retire and their demands will turn our current economic earth upside down.

This is when I realized that having our own international business was the way to always make sure we can have good times, while doing good. Being there in the jungle was our business. Yet we were expanding our horizons enormously, as we helped our delegates and the Amazonians and generated a decent income. With our own business we can go where we wish, do what we desire and take care of our financial needs in the process. This is what the good times are all about, being fulfilled, doing something worthwhile and building wealth!

Merri and I were in that jungle because we want to always grow and expand. Part of the human purpose is to continually expand horizons.

This is true for our courses as well. For 34 years we have adjusted our schedule to new realities and have an amazing record of helping people get into (or out of) just the right business or investment at just the right time.

This is also why our next course has changed dramatically so it can help you return to the good times now.

June 6-7-8 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we conduct International Business Made EZ which shows how to generate income in any type of business, at any time under any conditions. The course helps you learn how to choose a business, focus your finances, find your market, select your marketing channel and form and write your selling story, all at no outside cost! You can become independent, enjoy freedom, become liberated and enhance your life.

You learn how to improve your existing business or start a new one at home or abroad. Plus the course helps you know how to expand any business to enhance income from many parts of the world.

Take Pete Thomas from Georgia as an example. Though his business is in hotels and insurance in the U.S., after attending our courses, visited the village of Calderon that specializes in masapan, bread dough figures in every shape and size, flowers, dolls, chess pieces, statues, and figurines. You name it and they can make it. Prices are low and Pete having knowledge about hotels saw how masapan flowers as gifts for each departing guest. They were wildly successful and now he sells them to other hotels. His cost is between seven and twenty five cents a piece. He sells them for a dollar ninety five making as much as

Scott Porter on the other hand decided to invest in international real estate and land he paid $2,500 per lot for in 2000 rose to $17,500 in just two years.

These are just a few examples of the many ways delegates at our courses have generated additional income as they gained the freedom to live, travel and visit places they choose while making tax and asset protected income at the same time.

Yet the course goes way beyond these examples because we have added four special segments that can help you get into these liberating, fulfilling businesses now.

These mobile businesses are becoming more important because you can take them anywhere, thus assuring continued success even when times turn bad in local economies. You can succeed where you live now or move, if and when you desire. And you can move often if you want, traveling from one place to another in short or long trips.

The first liberating business we share at this course specializes in helping investors abroad buy tax liens (U.S. government investments that earn up to 23%). The course shows how to turn these investments into an income producing business anywhere in the world. For more on this go to

More important, you will gain a source of over 15,000 investors abroad you can reach in this business right now.

The second business segment helps you learn how to make money from writing and publishing, either as a business itself or to enhance your success in business.

Take the case of Ed Jeffery from Arkansas, an insurance salesman who after attending our course wrote and published a report about offshore insurance. He received 70 hot inquiries in his first week. Ed's goal was not to make money writing, but to use writing to enhance his existing business.

On the other hand David Cross from Edinburgh attended this course and wrote a report on how to sell computer services. His goal was to increases his income by writing. Not only did he bring in income from around the world, but also the report led to a new job where he eventually became Managing director of a computer software firm.

Jim Weber from New Mexico attended the course with only one goal in mind, to write and publish for profit. This last winter while his friends shivered in the cold Southwest winter, Jim sat on the balcony of an Ecuadorian hotel and basked in the sun as he wrote.

In fact Jim shares a freedom that all of these success stories share. They can work (because of their writing and publishing skills) anywhere they want in the world. Ed moved from Alabama to Panama, David from Edinburgh to Sweden and the U.S.

The third liberating business segment in the course teaches how to cash in on seminars and tours. With this you earn income anywhere you go by identifying common interests and organizing groups, seminars, courses and tours. The more the world becomes separated by electronics, the more people need to meet. The seminar, exhibition business is huge and gives more freedom than almost any career in the world.

You can enhance your existing business or earn income just from organizing special interest groups into tours. Life and work become invigorating, enjoyable bringing a purpose and a fulfillment.

Take for example Guy Krug, a Swiss banker. After attending several of our courses, he started a seminar business that expanded his banking business by tens of millions of dollars and allowed him to live in both Switzerland and the Bahamas.

Another example that makes me especially proud, is our son who lives in Atlanta. Jake came to our course and has started a part time tour business, “Paths Less Traveled” specializing in exotic, off the beaten track, tours. He supplements the income from his job with this added career.

On the other hand Robert Keeney after attending our courses, began a scuba tour business and now earns income from customers all over the world.

Our courses helped free each of these people. Guy was able to have a beautiful life in tropical in the Bahamas, Jake travels from Atlanta around the globe and Bob from Florida to the Prague and then Spain. Each gained enormous additional income creating power and the ability to live where they chose.

There you have it, a course that can help you unlock the three keys of everlasting wealth. More fulfillment, contribution to society, extra income, a life enhancement. Won't you join us for International Business Made EZ at Merrily Farms on Little Horse Creek, June 6-7-8. $499 ($749 couple sharing room).To sign up for this course go to our online product catalog

Merrily Farm Notes

Weekend before last we had eight inches of snow and 18 degrees on Sunday. The temperature then rose, all the way to 81 degrees by Thursday. In the mellow sun, the spring birds returned and Merri and I broke out the seed, plowed the field and cleaned up the greenhouse. Yesterday the weather turned again, rain pouring and temperatures dropping to 32 degrees. Yet at the farm this brings its pleasures too! a creek engorged and singing as it rushes down the mountain. Raindrops on the tin roofs tempered by St. Saens gently playing in the background with a fire warm made our wooden office on the creekside mellow. This weather is a writer's paradise that opens the heart without tempting me to be play in the woods and the fields all day. Then the rain turned to snow, huge parachuting flakes that built unstained piles of pure white that coated the spring branches like a coverlet of whipped cream. Some friends come in from Florida for a visit today. Won't they be surprised? Little Horse Creek is now rushing in the rapture of wild abandon as it hurries through the farm expectantly calling for the New River's sweet embrace in the valleys below.

This is what we love about the farm. Each day is a surprise. That's life really, but this reality gets cloaked sometimes in the city. Nature talks to us and reveals magical secrets if we listen. There is just a lot less so static here to interfere with her beautiful whisperings. We hope you will come up and join us in listening to these whispers soon.