Beating SARS

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Though we may worry about such things as terrorism, war and the economy, a far more dangerous drama is unfolding from China. SARS is a warning that nature herself creates weapons far more dangerous than anything terrorists can conceive. New mutated infections that resist modern antibiotics can devastate modern humans who have immune systems weakened by poor nutrition, insufficient exercise and too much stress.

Yet there are answers and this message focuses on a way to boost the immune system quickly without drugs as it explains the relationship between health & frequency.

One word that can be used to describe all being is frequency. This can have profound implications on your health. Super string quantum theory speculates that the very roots of the universal existence are tiny strings or stirrings of vibration and that the heart of differential (that which creates diversity) is alterations of frequency. These strings create scalar energy, a holographic force that, as the blueprint of existence, is omnipresent. Scalar energy is everywhere, at all times in all ways and is not affected by time or space. From this force springs vector energy which we recognize in many ways. We have given bundles of varying frequencies names. Frequency in the range that can be perceived by the human eye is called light. Frequency in the range that can be perceived by the human ear (60 Hz. To 20,000 Hz.) is called sound etc.

All life is a blend of frequencies working in harmony. Ancient healing practices have recognized this in a form we call energetic medicine, but from a practical point of view all medicine is energetic because all disease is energetic as well. The heart is one combination of frequencies. The liver is another, the kidneys another, etc. When the frequencies of any one aspect of our being are in balance, the resulting function is one of good heath. Toxins, pollution, viruses, bacteria are another form of frequency and when they interact with the frequency of any organ, gland or bodily function the overall frequency changes and this creates a dis-ease in that function.

The bundle of frequencies we call Liver Fluke, interacting with the bundle of frequencies we call a liver, diminishes an even larger bundle of frequencies we call good health.

Over many years of living and travel abroad Merri and I have discovered and use many forms of frequency medicine.

One of the most basic of these practices is called Qi Chong. Qi is a Chinese word used to describe a group of frequencies that make up a fundamental substance in the human body. One could call it the life force. Scientific tests have shown that young and healthy people generate Qi and as age deceases or health deteriorates this signal decreases. These tests have also shown that this energy has a dramatic effect on brain waves and shifts brain activity towards alpha rhythms which are associated with deep relaxation and rapid healing.

Traditionally the science (or art) of Qi Chong healing is practiced by masters who have learned how to magnify this signal and emit it through their hands. These masters have shown remarkable abilities to emit measurable energy from their hands that can influence events at a distance. Some are able to light fluorescent lights with their bare hands. Others can kill cancer cells in laboratory experiments and can alter brain wave patterns of individuals and animals in the laboratory.

Fortunately, (because there are not too many Qi Chong masters running around the western world), this energy is measurable and a machine has been created that also emits Qi. This machine was the first ever patented in China and in the US is recognized by the FDA as a medical device. Many controlled, repeatable scientific studies have been undertaken on thousands of subjects, human and animal. These studies have shown that the frequencies emitted form the Qi generator increase alpha brain activity, promote circulation and decrease pain.

300 children with various digestive disorders were used in an experiment at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Pediatrics Department. These children were given two 10 minute Qi treatments for six days. The following symptoms were reduced significantly- loss of appetite, bloating stomach, aching stomach, diarrhea, constipation, excessive thirst, pale face, distemper, insomnia, automatic sweating and night sweating.

Another laboratory test to determine immune response with rabbits equally divided into case and control groups were injected with bacteria into the bronchial area. Qi treatment was started on the experimental group 24 hours after the injection. The treatment lasted for 12 days and the treated rabbits had lower fevers. After two days the treated rabbits had a higher blood serum antibody level by a factor of five. This higher immunity increased to a factor of seven within one week and reached a factor of eight at its highest point. The control rabbits did not attain this factor of immunity in the 21-day experiment.

Another test on rabbits showed that broken bones and soft tissue injuries heal faster when Qi was applied. Another test with Qi increased the blood ATP levels which indicates a storing of energy.

It is well accepted in Asian culture that Qi contributes to preventing and curing disease and prolonging life. To understand how this works another study measured the effect of Qi on neuro transmitters. The results showed that Qi regulates concentrations of transmitters in the blood of patients with cardiovascular disease, gastric imbalances, joint disease and respiratory disease.

Another study shows that Qi can dramatically reduce e-coli bacteria and another test suggests that Qi kills cancer cells by the structure of the chromosomes in these cells.

Another experiment of the effects of Qi tested 80 patients with 17 kinds of cancer. 30 received Qi treatments. 25 received chemotherapy and 25 received chemotherapy and Qi treatments. The results showed that Qi excites circulation, modulates the immune response and endocrine tissues to minimize the toxic effect of chemotherapy and enhance energy supply to the body.

Merri and I keep a Qi generating machine and the farm and along with those who visit us here, use it regularly.

For a more information on these Qi generators, contact our friend, the nuclear physicist, Bob Shane,



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Merrily Farm Notes

Living Frames

One of my favorite reasons for living in the Blue Ridge are the wonderful people and the many lost traditions that still live here. Woodworking in one such tradition and the people here are among the best. Notice how the top of the line furniture comes from North Carolina. Recently I discovered a most unique form of woodcraft produced by my neighbor. Living Frames are picture frames alive with lichen and moss! The wood is alive with history and memories too as they come from old barns and buildings that framed the character of this wonderful area in a era when mankind lived a little freer and perhaps everything was a little more alive.

Merri and I have started a joint venture with Willard Robinson (a long time reader and visitor to Merrily Farms) called Blue Ridge Crafts. This site ( will bring you together with master craftsmen whose honest toil has been obscured by global mass marketing. We are thrilled to help bring out the infinite beauty of old time hand made master crafts.

There will be a time lag before this site is online, but if you want to bring the life and energy of the Blue Ridge into your home with a living frame, I have a few available now. We do not have enough of these to make it worth putting them on the shopping cart, so if you want more information send me a note at or call Merri at 336-384-1122 or fax 336-384-1577.