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by | Apr 7, 2003 | Archives

A quiet revolution may be taking place as a recent statistic in Time magazine and an article in USA Today shows that we can win this war. I am not writing about the war in Iraq but about the war between our individual opinions on how to care for our bodies, our families and well being versus the ever encroaching intrusion of government opinion.

My opinion is that a great deal of Western medicine is very slanted by the profit desires of large pharmaceutical companies. My feelings are that they look too much at the pieces individually and ignore the importance of the processes of all the pieces working together. So I prefer preventive techniques and focus on nutrition, exercise, improved consciousness and such. When I am ill, I prefer to use natural means to heal and don't want any manufactured stuff that I can void being pumped into my body.

My opinion may be right or wrong, but it's my opinion and my body. If you have been reading these messages for long you know this is why I have kicked up a fuss (to many reader's chagrin) about smallpox inoculations. For more on this go to or

My belief is that inoculations create side effects in the immune system. So a vaccination or inoculation may stop one specific disease but increases the risk of others. Several of the physicians I use to balance my body agree, and we have worked long and hard to mitigate the impact of all that stuff that was pumped into me as a kid. Thus it was with some distress that the government's suggested health plan includes some pretty coercive tactics to get people to be immunized against smallpox again. I urged readers to resist.

This advise may have some sense after all. A statistic quoted in the April 7 issue of time shows that only 27,645 civilians have been immunized for smallpox since the 9-11 scare (some have died of heart attacks immediately thereafter by the way). That's a drop in the bucket suggesting that people are looking beyond the standard pharmaceutical-driven pap. The inoculation costs $249 as well (a pretty expensive lethal injection). Now I have also read that several states have postponed their inoculation programs as it turns out that there is some evidence that the inoculations may lead to heart disease. A recent article at begins:

“Smallpox Vaccinations Halted in California, Illinois and New York. The director of the California health department has temporarily cancelled the state's smallpox vaccination program following widespread concern that the vaccine caused heart problems in some of the people who received it. Health officials in New York and Illinois have also suspended all smallpox vaccinations while investigators review the deaths of two health care workers and a National Guardsman who suffered fatal heart attacks after being immunized. ”

My friends, stand your ground. If you have a belief, even if it flies in the face of general opinion, don't give it up just to please the crowd. We can win our independence back if we peacefully and subtly resist government intrusion in our health, wealth and personal lives every way we can. Keep up the good work and make your voices heard in very action you take!



One criticism over my concerns about smallpox inoculations is that millions of us had them forty years ago without any dire effects. This of course misses the main point which is regardless of the impact we should not be coerced into doing anything with our bodies that we do not choose.

In addition the relationship between government and media differed in those days. Perhaps I am too cynical and suspicious, but it has occurred to me that lots of people did die from the inoculations then, but the media did not let us know. Perhaps I was more aware when my sister did almost die from her smallpox jab.

Here is another reason why we should not follow governments so quickly down their yellow brick roads. Governments are essentially pretty stupid, driven by prejudices of the herd and by special interest groups (such a powerful pharmaceutical lobbies).

Any thinking person would consider the risk that smallpox inoculations may have a different impact today than they did forty years ago because our diets and cardiovascular systems are different today. Four decades ago McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys and the trend of too much fat and too much sweet did not exist. Half the population was not overweight. Cardiovascular systems were not so clogged.

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