A Share to Buy Now

by | Apr 4, 2003 | Archives

Last Friday's message looked at a bond (Fiat) that now pays 16%. Today we look at a share listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange that makes sense to investigate now.

Though it's not easy to find good investments at the moment Maersk Line, A.P. Moeller is one to consider. This is Denmark's largest Company, and the world's largest container transport firm.

Merri and I often walk past the Maersk headquarters situated on Copenhagen's harbor not far from the Admiral Hotel where we stay when visiting there. Between those two buildings is Amalienhaven – a gift from Moeller (Maersk) to the Danish people. Now they are donating a new opera house. This is the exquisite area containing the Little Mermaid on the Langelinie Promenade and Amalienborg, which is the Queen's residence, 4 identical Rococo buildings occupying this square since 1784.

The reason this share in Maersk makes sense now is that the whole organization is under a structural change, pulling many subsidiary companies into the parent which will then be represented by only one stock. Some analysts have suggested that the quoted value of the shares represents only half the real value of the company.

Mr. McKenly Moeller considered to personally be worth something like US $10-12 billion dollars making him about the twentieth wealthiest person in the world. This fact adds to the high profile of the firm. This may enhance the change of structure and the fact that the shares will be listed on many additional stock exchanges around the world.

I received these insights from eclub advisor Teddy Christiansen who has an investment in Maersk. He quoted their annual report of last Friday which showed net results before tax of DKK 20.554. million (US$3 billion) before tax, up with 31% from 2001.

55% of Maersk's activities are shipping but around 20% is oil drilling and the company has drilling concessions for Danish oil in the North Sea on a split profitdeal with the Danish government.

Recent messages have stated my opinion about oil drilling so here I am torn between my own environmental concerns and being of service to readers who do not share these opinions. Having learned about the oil issues, our interest was dampened, but for those of you who do invest in oil and such, this may be a good investment now.




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Merrily Farms Notes

Spring has never been more beautiful at the farm, but the weather is always fickle in the Blue Ridge. After clear skies and warming days coaxed spring flowers and buds, we awakened Sunday to 18 degrees and eight inches of snow on the ground. We hope this was a last splendid coating to soak the ground for planting. The snow certainly was not convincing and melted in just two days. Now we have a balmy breeze, clear skies. Even Ma, our pumpkin patch hound, and Neil the singing canary seem to have an added zest for life. Ma's picture is here.

We are moving the horses into the upper meadows, ordering more chicks , duckling and geese as we clean the plowing equipment and get out the first seeds. Local wisdom here says to plant turnips, lettuce, potatoes, onions and radishes on Good Friday, then put in corn, beans, squash, cucumbers and such on Mother's Day. We get a head start in our two green houses so with luck we'll have seed in the ground this weekend!

This year we are setting up a program for a limited number of folks who would like their own organic vegetable plot. We can plant, tend and ship to you can come on up and do it yourself. Any anxious gardeners who want a lush mountain patch sitting right on Little Horse Creek should get in touch with me at gary@yournewwpsite.com