Ice Cream Screams a Business Opportunity

by | Apr 3, 2003 | Archives

Here is a really important fact that can help you invest and do business better. Emerging technology forms new attitudes, opinions, the ways of life, spending and even thought. Politics then follow the shift. We have looked in many messages at how technology has polluted our environment and our bodies over the last 40 or 50 years and how this will alter future consumerism.

Yesterday's message viewed how the clash between environmentalists and oil drillers over drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Preserve is a symptom of the deeper problem of our failing environment. This deeper problem will change society and yesterday's message used Japan as an example. The dense population in this island nation has led to an attitude of quality over quantity. Such shifts will start taking place in the U.S. as well and we have viewed numerous messages that show values will become more important in consumerism than value. People will buy products and services, even at greater costs if they believe they support their values.

A recent report on National Public Radio shows how this trend is advancing. The article explained that some ice cream connoisseurs who were fed up with the liberal politics supported by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream have formed their own ice cream company to support the conservative cause. They call the firm Star Spangled Ice Cream and feature flavors such as Iraqi Road, Smaller Governmint and etc.

I do not know how well this firm will succeed, but it highlights the trend. To find businesses that will succeed in the future, look not only at how good is their product, but what values they support. What they stand for will have a dramatic effect on the business.

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You may have noticed that I have never introduced a multilevel product at this site. During my earliest days in Hong Kong I helped one of the first such programs (a multilevel cosmetics firm called Holiday Magic) set up their Asian operation and was not impressed with the system. My feeling was that too much emphasis was on getting rich (not a bad thing) rather than products and being of service. All too often such programs are used by under funded, poorly managed, start up firms. This creates risk and leads to loss.

But despite this prejudice there are two product lines I have used for many years that are marketed in a multilevel way and the only reason I have not written and encouraged readers to enjoy them is because of this market system.

The note below from an enthusiastic reader I met while speaking at a recent investment seminar has changed my mind. Here is what this reader wrote:

"Dear Gary,  Thanks for having Sue at your booth at the IL conference in Delray Beach a few weeks ago. I often have profound fibromyalgia symptoms. Normally I just  push past them and crash when it becomes too much. But Sue provided me with  a recovazon, sumacazon, illumination herbal cocktail each morning before each first session. I can't begin to say how much they helped. I don't think I would have been able to take nearly as much advantage of the info at theconference without the early morning energy boost the cocktail gave me. Thank you Sue!  I now down a cocktail in the AM and the PM. I sleep less and get more done than any time in the past few years. All symptoms are not gone but the difference in the quality of my life is tremendous. Physically I feel much, much, more alive and energetic. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that I am a convert to the product. Best, William P."

What more can I say? Merri and I were some of the original beta testers when our friend Amazon John (Easterling) started this company. I have watched it grow into a million dollar a month business. I have enormous respect for the products and for the environmental benefits John's company have created. The production of Amazon Rainforest products supports indigenous communities in the Amazon through sustainable harvesting means and buys rain forest land for preservation.

There are two benefits from the Amazon Rainforest product line. The first is an amazing array of health, vitality and longevity gains.Recovazon is based on an ancient Shaolin Monk formula that helps the body dispel energy flow stagnation. This reduces inflammation, pain, soreness, sprain and strainsand recovery from physical exercise, as well as traumatic injuries and degenerative conditions. Merri and I don't go anywhere without this product…we take it after/during long trips and after overdoing/exercising. The next morning, we wake up as if nothing has taken place!

Sumacazon is high in amino acids and hormonal precursors that feed the endocrine system, i.e., pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, as well as phyto-nutrients that support the immune system. This helps promote energy, improved mental acuity and focus, and is great for relief of afternoon fatigue. It also helps promote muscle tone and lean muscle mass when working out.

Illumination is a combination of 32 herbs, with the effect of a whole body multi-mineral/trace mineral, vitamin, enzyme daily tonic, providing nutrition to all the systems.

The second, for those interested, is an excellent business opportunity. I especially recommend this to anyone who wants to start in a small, part time business without any major capital outlay.

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Merrily Farm Notes

Help! We have five wonderful horses (you can see their pictures at and they eliminate hours and hours of mowing. But they are eating the heck out of my trees. I have asked everyone including the vet about this but no one seems to know what to do. Do any of you horse lovers out there have a suggestion?

We now have filled all our farmhouse and cabin accommodations for the Keith Varum course (more on the course at However, we can still accommodate a few others. We think this course is an excellent one and its timing superb….there is nothing like the freshness of spring to begin a renewal of yourself, your goals plus learning ways to implement this forward movement.

Our nearest neighbor…adjoining our land and on Little Horse Creek is a retired Economics Professor from Florida and only up here in the height of the summer…he has a charming cottage overlooking the waterfalls for just $50 a night. We still have free accommodations in our tipis ( and the primitive Daniel Boone cabin ( which is charming but only has Cold (spelled with a capital C) running water and no electricity guaranteed (But the candles are charming and you can have a hot shower at the seminar hall).

We hope to see you here!