A visionary way to have a free trip to Ecuador

by | Mar 24, 2003 | Archives

I recently looked at how dental savings can pay for a trip to the equator and more. Now we can use our eyes in this formula as well. See what one savvy reader shares with us below.

One delegate from New Zealand who attended a recent International Business Made EZ course in Quito, Ecuador sent me this note

"Dear Gary, Your comments on Ecuadorian dentistsprompted me to write about my experience with getting new glasses in Quito."I got an instant appointment. The most modern equipment was used to measure and test my eyes (resulting in the best prescription I've ever had) and the glasses were delivered to my hotel within 3 hours. The cost - exactly half what I would have paid in New Zealand and about 1/3 of what I would have paid in the U.S."I went to Opticas Estrada, Av. Amazonas 870 y Veintimilla, Tel  011-593-22-527-194."

There are numerous ways to make a trip to Ecuador pay for itself.

We have also had readers report that they buy prescription medications easily and at a fraction their cost in Europe and the U.S. Someone who needs eye work and glasses, dentistry or prescriptions may save a bundle by enjoying a holiday there!


P.S. On the subject of health and dentistry, the Carolina Cavitation Diagnostics is presenting a Spring Health Seminar Sat. March 29, 2003 at the Wilson World Center in Spartanburg, SC. I have written previously about the work being done by Dr. John Tate. Go to https://garyascott.com/archives/2003/02/18/765/ and have attended previous seminars finding them extremely interesting and helpful. The Spring Conference (see below) also looks fascinating because it teaches a simple way to protect against bioterroism.

Spring Conference

Spring Health Seminar Sat. March 29, 2003 at the Wilson World Center in Spartanburg, SC

Featured Speaker: Tom Levy, MD, JD, Author of “Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins (Curing the Incurable)”

Lectures: 8:30 am-1 p.m.

*Undated Report on the Non-Surgical Protocol for Cavitations (Toxic holes in jaw) The initial data is encouraging. http://www.cavitat.com/ Anthony Castiglia, MD John Tate, DDS, Robert Jones, Ron Patterson*Oncologist at premier cancer center in US planning melanoma patient trail with Beta Glucan in a cancer protocol. Why the US Government is planning to stockpile an immune modulator at all 103 nuclear plants. www.transferpoint.com AJ Lanigan

*Scientific Documentation (1200 references) on Vitamin C. There does not appear to be any virus or poison that the bioterrrist can produce that cannot be neutralized by the proper dosage of intravenous Vit. C. www.peakenergy.com Tom Levy, MD, JD

The cost of this morning workshop which includes lunch is $15. To enroll call 1-864-582-4441 or 828-863-0425

Afternoon Workshop: Vitamin C Workshop 2pm-5:30, Dr. Tom Levy Dr. Jim Shortt

*Includes book, lunch, manual and intravenous Vit C kit. A certificate of training by Drs. Levy and Shortt to successful applicants. The workshop will emphasize the intravenous Vit C therapy. Class is limited to 15 and their companions. Physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, patients, technicians, all welcome! James Shortt, MD, an experienced integrative physician in Vit. C protocols will assist Dr. Levy.

Pre Registration required. 1-864-582-4441.Cost for afternoon workshop $250.