Of Meaning History and Wealth

by | Mar 20, 2003 | Archives

Last week I addressed 275 investors in Delray Beach, Florida. The main theme was that investing and business work better if they add personal meaning in your life. When one of the delegates approached after the speech and said “You know what I need in my life is a purpose”.

I realized how important this message is because it shares three historical economic facts. One of these can make you rich. More importantly, it can help you add meaning and purpose to your life.

One little known fact about my career, which does not appear on my resume, is that I started my international business with nothing in 1968. By 1971, at the age of just 24, I was a millionaire, which was real money in those days! Yet by 1975 I was broke.

Through pure fortune and good luck I started an international business in Hong Kong 1968. This timing is significant because the stock market moves in cycles of about thirty years, 20 years up and then 10 years down. The message at https://garyascott.com/archives/2002/11/21/696/ explains this.

There was a stock market bubble and then a huge Wall Street crash in the 30s, 60s and 90s. Most people my age (56 now) were still in school, fighting the Vietnam War or just getting started in the 60s. They missed the 60s crash so the 90s stock market bubble was their first major equity explosion when they had money enough to invest. This is why so many investors lost so much in this last bubble. Many feel they can never recover, but this is not true as you'll see below. These events come in three, and the third economic fact is the one that can now make everyone rich.

I started young so the 60s bubble was the one that wiped me out. Thus when the 1999 ebubble Hey Days arrived I had been there before. When in the mid 90s the U.S. economy and Wall Street began to look suspiciously like the good old days of the late sixties, I started shifting my portfolio and my efforts and I started to do this fast.

The hard earned (and expensive) experience of the 60s suggested that three economic events would bring some investors fortunes. I wanted my readers to enjoy these.

I wrote plenty about why Wall Street would crash from 1998 on. Not as many readers as I would like listened. But then I didn't listen back in the late sixties when experienced investors warned me either. Most of us have to lose big time at least once.

Yet every crash creates opportunity and I saw three ways to reap huge fortunes after the 60s crash. This meant that the 1999 equity debacle was a trigger that would set up a few to cash in one of these same three financial shifts.

Two of these shifts are taking place right now and many of my readers and I have already cashed in. The third opportunity, however, is just getting ready to kick in and bring you untold profits, plus make your life better in nearly every way.

The first event was that the stock market crash here would create enormous currency instability. As nations raced to inflate currencies to keep economies going, interest rates and currency parities would dramatically shift. This opened wonderful borrow low – deposit high opportunities. Because the Japanese stock market was in its crash cycle a decade ahead of Wall Street, many of my smart readers have already been borrowing Japanese yen at rates as low as 1.625% and investing in safe bonds paying 6%, 7% and even more. This fluctuation is still on going. And you can earn as much as 22.679% right now. See how at last Fridays' message.

The second historical fact is that after a major Wall Street Crash, the U.S. dollar will fall. This one is simple. The U.S. economy is the engine that drives the world. The greenback is the #1 currency, so when the global economy slows down, the Fed produces more money, right at a time when productivity starts to fall. More money, less productivity? This formula guarantees a weaker buck.

Everybody wants U.S. dollars when interest rates are high and Wall Street shares look good. When economics turn bad, two things happen. Washington starts spending money like crazy trying to get the economy going. This builds Federal debt. The Fed also pushes interest rates down to make business and spending easier. So the U.S. dollar falls.

Consequently many readers (hopefully due to my advice) have built up portfolios of euro, Australian and New Zealand dollars and such. Those who have (a third of my portfolio is in these currencies) picked up super profits in the last few months.

Yet the biggest profits are still to be made from the third historical economic event which is just beginning to take place. The biggest fortunes will be made from people who buy or start their own businesses during this down time!

The biggest profits? Who made the really big bucks in the stock market bubble of the 90s? May I name just a few such as Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Wayne Huzivinga.

These people have not made millions buying shares from their stockbrokers. They made billions because they owned businesses that they started in the 70s and 80s after the 60s stock market crash when times were tough!

Now again business is bad. The stock market is down, unemployment is rising, debt is growing. The American public is worried about the costs of a war run by our Texas President and oil prices have blown sky high. Check out the history books. These are the exact conditions that took place in the 70s and 80s.

These economic facts present two opportunities. The first idea is to cash in on the weak economy by buying an existing business. Right now small business owners are nervous. They started their business back in the 80s and 90s when profits were easy. They hired employees for high wages and are now stuck with high overheads and the grim task of reducing staff. Business has dropped, profits are down. Business owners for the first time have to work harder for less. They want to get out! Take my word for it. I was a businessman in the 70s and early 80s and recall these times too (I did sell out), so I learned the hard way.

The best time to buy is always when everyone wants to sell. If you buy as the economy slides into recession, you get the best price.

The second opportunity is to start your own business. These are the best of times because competition is less, wages are lower, good talent is available and the bad economy may make business slow to start. Start small now. Make your mistakes while little. Making mistakes when you are big is spelled Enron!

Because of these facts, I have been urging readers to use my course, International Business Made EZ, which helps you know how to have your own business.

Now I want to reinforce this message. Timing is so crucial and opportunity is so good right now!

Because of this Merri and I are expanding our business consulting service. We have always had a few select clients we work with to help them develop their own business. Merri and I have both been running small businesses on every continent for 35 years, so we have made plenty of mistakes we can help you avoid. At the same time we have enormous experience in helping readers find their own unique, niche business. We each and separately have made millions from our own businesses.

There are other important reasons by the way for having your own business-more freedom, increased income, deeper fulfillment, added security, getting rid of a lousy boss and the ability to finally do what you have always wanted. Plus there is no better way to help others in the world and the environment than with your own business. Business is the glue that holds a healthy society together.

There are three ways we can help you have your own business. The first is through our course International Business Made EZ. The first way is through our correspondence course International Business Made EZ. The second is through our residence International Business Made EZ seminar course we conduct here at the farm.

The third is through our expanded business consulting service. We help you identify your business (if you don't already have one) and decide whether it is better to buy an existing operation or start anew. One way that we believe we can help is to allow you to focus on your passion and then to help you match a successful business to that passion.

Then we help develop your business plan, identify your market and uncover pathways to the customer. Finally, we help you create and learn the best way to deliver the business's selling story.

You can learn more specifics about our consulting service by sending me a note gary@yournewwpsite.com but whether you use our service or not, consider the benefits of your own small business today.

Your own business can help the meaning in your life unfold and perhaps you will be one who sells out for a fortune in the next big stock market bubble (which will start in about eight more years).

There will never be better economic conditions for starting your own business, and there is no way of investing at this time that offers such good odds of success.

Until next message, may all your business be good,