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by | Mar 11, 2003 | Archives

Merri's and my program for health falls into three categories, nutrition, exercise and purification. These categories then split again into the material and consciousness aspects of health. For example, what we watch on TV is a consciousness aspect of nutrition. Our entire being has to digest what we watch, see and hear. What we see with a full stomach (and even before a meal) also impacts our digestion of food. Digestion works with every sense and affects the nutrition we receive.

One of my messages some time back was about hiking into a sacred Incan valley.

This was an exercise that had to be something more in the consciousness factor.

That journey was incredibly important to Merri and me but at the time was physically demanding almost beyond our endurance. The mud sucked at our boots and the thin air rapidly depleted our reserves.

One reason we were able to survive this arduous trek was because of an Amazonian food supplement called Warrior. Every time we thought we were tired beyond the ability to take even one more step, we took a little more Warrior and received another burst of energy.

Warrior is based on an ancient Shaolin formula the monks gave to their warriors going off to battle. The Warrior increases the flow of chi (energy) through the body, improves strength, endurance and stamina. To the ancient formula, Amazonian herbs were added which work synergistically to improve focus, energy and oxygen uptake.

Warrior is used by athletes, martial artists, and all of us who wish to improve energy, endurance and strength. Warrior contains compounds that help improve muscle mass and tone. It also stimulates hormone production. The Amazonian herbs Muira puama and Catuaba are well known for increasing sexual energy as well.

Over ten years ago, Merri and I were asked to be beta testers for then a new food supplement company, Amazon Herb Company. They started with eight basic formulas, which addressed the eight major categories of health challenges: digestion, immune system, metabolism, hormones, toxicity, stress, energy and pain. Since then, we have relied on these products daily, and take them everywhere we travel. The company continues to incorporate the new discoveries, and we are constantly amazed and delighted with each new product.

You can read more about these nutritional products at or call Sue Lopilato at 1-800-353-6924.

The next time you are facing a physical challenge, consider using these remarkable herbs. To your good health,