Myakka – A Great Place to Be

by | Mar 10, 2003 | Archives

Last week's great place to be message shared our visit to the Lipizzan stallions but another reason for that visit was to look for good value real estate. There is a boom coming in the Myakka region. See why below.

Due east from the Sarasota-Bradenton area the Myakka River flows through Myakka State Park, a 37,000 acre nature preserve nine miles east of Interstate 75. You can see a boom coming as you drive through.

Century old agricultural land is now being divided into ranchettes. One can quickly see why many of the masses who still move south would want to live here rather than in the busy cities which are not that far away.

This still has the real feel, especially at night. There is great silence and darkness at night. There are few lights; no glow from homes, stores and cars, no rush of nearby traffic. Looking up at the sky, it's easy to pick out the stars clearly. Songs from cricket chirping and owls hooting are the symphony here. Myakka City consists simply of a little agricultural business, one restaurant (excellent food) and a country store. Otherwise you have just the land, the river and land studded with palmetto hammocks, native palms and stately oaks draped in Spanish moss.

Coming from the North Carolina mountains where temperatures hover around freezing this time of year, the 83 degree temperature explained why people will continue to drift south especially in the winter. Though prices are already up, Myakka will grow because it offers this real agricultural feel, and space from the crowds, but is a short distance to everything the big cities of Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa and St. Pete have to offer. Yet you can still buy a stately Spanish style house with 800 feet on the Myakka River and five acres for under $400,000.

Tina J Snyder a broker in Myakka City seems to have a lock on Myakka real estate and her web site is

You will also find that Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa and St. Petersburg brokers have Myakka listings.

Want to stay out that way for a day or a week, check out this listing and I did not stay in Myakka but stayed in Bradenton instead at Charlie's Cabins in Cortez Historic Village, a small, real fishing village on Anna Maria Sound. The cottage are adorable, the prices reasonable, and everything around is real. There is not a theme anything there and the seafood served on the docks, is exquisitely fresh. These cottages represent true Old Florida where you can fish from the pier, swing from the dockside hammock or enjoy their dockside rocking chairs. This area is basically unchanged since the early 1900s. Many of the original clapboard houses still remain and the area is bordered by large queen palm tress.

These one bedroom cottages are fully furnished with separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room area. You can also use their docks to enjoy numerous kayak and small boat trials in the FISH preserve located nearby. Rates run from $80 per night to $550 per week to $1,500 per month. Check out their website at

Until next message may wherever you stay tonight be great!