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What if terrorists were stalking a U.S. neighborhood burning, maiming, even killing a child or two with poison every day? Just picture the fuss! Picture the U.S. government's (who won't even allow toenail clippers on an airplane) reaction. Yet there is something worse happening right now to you and to me (and worse to our kids). Not only does the government know, but they are involved, each and every day.

How would we feel if we had poisons sitting under our sinks that are killing and maiming hundreds of kids a year. Not liking the answer to this question I have made several visits to the factory where Ted and Dr. Ann Tidwell manufacture Ted's Stuff. I have written two previous messages about this incredible organic bio-degradable cleaner and use the stuff daily, but could never have guessed what I would learn on my latest trip.

While there I happened to pick up a copy of Ann's excellent book, “Julius the Green Dolphin”. This is a kid's book, but like the Harry Potter fiction should also be read by adults. In fact Ann's book goes beyond fiction because it shows how we are being led to poison our families and pollute our environment every day without even being aware of this fact.

Here is an excerpt from the book that explains why.

“Are we poisoning our families? You may think this is a silly idea. But is it really? No one would purposely poison their family but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls most cleaning products 'dangerous chemical cleaners'.

“How did we come to use poison in our homes?

“When our country first settled, people did not buy soap for bathing and washing clothes. Most settlers made soap from ashes and animal fat. They did not have showers and bathrooms in their house. They had to bathe in tubs of water heated over a stove or open fire.

“There was not a lot of soap found in the home until after World War II. Then soaps were made in factories and sold in stores and became cheap and common.

“People began to have indoor plumbing and electricity. They could wash their clothes and take baths anytime not just on Saturday night. Everyone wanted the most convenient of everything.

“Life became busier and busier. No one had time to make soap at home anymore.

“Companies found that it was cheaper to make soap from chemicals rather than ash and soap so detergents were developed. More and more chemicals were used to make them work faster.

“In the beginning, if a poisonous chemical was used, a symbol showing it was dangerous was printed in the label. That symbol was a skull and crossbones. It meant 'poison'. It was easy for small children to know they could be hurt if they got into it.

“For years the skull and crossbones symbol appeared on harmful cleaners.

“Then something happened to it. Customers avoided poisonous products. Corporations thought of a way to remove the dreaded skull and crossbones symbol.

“Companies removed the symbol and began using the words, 'Caution', 'Warning' and'Danger'. They all meant poison, but most people do not read the words. And small children cannot read them.

“What does 'Caution' mean on a label? It is a warning to be careful. A cleaner can burn the eyes if it splashes in them. If it says 'Caution' on the label it is poison. A grown-up could die if they drink an ounce to a pint of it. It would take less to harm a child.

“A 'Warning' means something bad is about to happen. How much of this cleaner could kill a grown-up? A teaspoon to an ounce could kill a grown-up, if he or she drank it. It is really poisonous. It would take much less to hurt a child.

“A 'Danger' means something could cause injury or pain. If the label says 'Danger' it means a taste to a teaspoon could kill a grown-up. It is really, really poisonous. You should never ever touch it. Just a little taste would really hurt a child.

“If you don't drink one of these cleaners are you safe?

“Not really, because you can also be hurt if you smell or get it on your skin.

“If something gives you a headache, it means that it has gotten into your brain. Your skull protects your brain, but the skull cannot protect the brain from chemical fumes. Too many of these fumes can kill cells. If we lose too many cells, the brain cannot do what it is supposed to do. That is bad.

“Also if chemicals get into your lungs, it is hard for you to breathe. And you don't have much energy. This is bad too.

“Not only can we hurt our bodies, we can hurt the earth if we use things that have the three bad words on them. When we use something harmful and flush it down the sink or toilet, it goes into the ground and finally into the closest water. It may be the aquifer, (where we get our drinking water) or into the lakes or oceans. When we get it into the lakes, rivers and oceans, it hurts the frogs, fish, dolphins and other creatures that live there.”

The story continues and gives a home safety checklist and encourages kids to ask their mom or dad to help them look at the labels on the cleaners under their sink and if it has the three bad words to draw a skull and crossbones on it.

Being a kid at heart I got down on my hands and knees to see what was under the sink where I was staying. This is what I found.

Chemical Cleaner                  LabelAjax Dish Washing Soap            CautionComet cleaner                     CautionBehold Furniture Polish           CautionOff Mosquito Repellant            CautionSwifter Wet Disposable Cloths     CautionZep Shower Tub & Tile             WarningLysol                             WarningClorox Cleanup                    WarningCascade Dishwasher Detergent      WarningArmstrong Floor Cleaner           WarningAmdro Fire Ant Bait               CautionCLR (Calcium Lime Rust)           Danger

Only two items, Windex and something called Febreze did not have one of these three bad words.

Wow! Sitting under the sink was this time bomb of toxins, waiting to be inhaled, touched and then flushed into Florida's sensitive water supply.

Plus many of these chemicals tax our immune systems, can cause allergies, clogged nasal passages, chronic fatigue syndrome and are mutagenic and carcinogenic as well.

Because some lobbyist hired by the rich chemical companies twisted some Congressman's arm, the EPA, the government agency that is supposed to protect Americans has allowed the system to blind us in the fine print so you and I and our kids are not warned. Now we are, thanks to Dr. Tidwell's book.

One good point is that under that sink was also a bottle of Ted's Stuff. This multi-purpose cleaner can replace the Windex, Ajax, Comet, Behold, disposable cloths, shower and tile spray, Lysol, Clorox, Cascade, Armstrong and the Fire Ant Killer at a much lower cost. Because (though it is 100% organic plant based) it is also a degreaser and will clean up the plumbing on the way to the water supply (though it is so gentle that I shampoo with it) where it is readily bio-degradable.

I highly recommend that you read Ann Tidwell's book, “Julius the Green Dolphin” $4.95 available from Lifetime Solutions, Tel: 1-239-283-1222.

Anyone ordering a gallon of Ted's Stuff though our site from now through March 2003 will receive an autographed copy of the book free! For more about Ted's Stuff and here.

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Until tomorrow, may all your sinks remain clean, healthy and organic.


P.S. I will be giving a global economic update as the mystery speaker at the upcoming Oxford Club Investment University March 9. I will also conduct a special workshop that shows how to distribute Ted's Stuff. I hope to meet you there.