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Merri and I are in Florida now and on our way south we investigated a leading edge health treatment for all types of illness, aches and pains, wounds, burns, cavities, joint problems, arthritis, fibermyalgia, brain cancer, osteoporosis and much more. We were so impressed and you can see why by clicking below.

Not long ago this site reported on a special dental practice in South Carolina run by Dr. John Tate. Using a specially designed ultra-sound device called a Cavitron, Dr. Tate spots tiny cavities in the jaw (often created when teeth are pulled). Bacteria that lodges in these spaces can create all types of long term health havoc.

My examination revealed two such cavities. The test was simple. Finding a remedy was not. The normal answer is a root canal, but this in itself can lead to long-term health problems. I wanted an alternative and was introduced to the idea of using infrared light treatment. So on this trip we visited the Head Memorial Integrative Wellness Clinic in Columbus, NC. specializing in using infrared light emitting diodes.

We learned that infrared is being used in so many different treatments that I can't describe them here without making this message way too long. I have set up some links below instead.

Infrared has been or is currently being tested by NASA's space medicine program, Stanford University, the National Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of British Columbia, Kingston Regional Cancer Center at Queen's University in Ontario, Royal Brisbane Hospital in Australia, St. James Hospital in Dublin and the University of Padua in Italy.

Infrared light increases energy inside cells by stimulating cytochromes which are part of the electron transportation chain that converts sugar into energy. This stimulates cellular reproduction, relaxes muscles and stimulates nerve transmission, enhances the immune response, reduces scar tissue and promotes wound healing, stimulates collagen production (making skin tighter), increases blood capillary circulation and vascular activity, stimulates production of endorphins and enkephelins from the brain, increases RNA and DNA synthesis, stimulates production of the adrenals which reduces pain and stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate, (ATP) an immediate energy source for muscle contraction.

Plus there have not been any reported negative side effects.

This means that infrared treatment is being used for arthritis, wounds, burns, against cancer, for bone loss, diabetic ulcers, poor blood or oxygen supply. The treatment is very effective for pain and inflammation reduction. There are six studies of subjects who had lost their protective sensation in their lower limbs due to diabetic neuropathy. All the limbs actively treated with infrared showed improvement. The placebos in the double blind studies showed almost no improvement.

This has been especially helpful for people who in their older age lose their balance and fall. Infrared improves the foot sensation. All the subjects tested improved balance and gait. Falls decreased 96%.

Infrared helps overcome strains, pains and much more. Infrared machines are in space, and are also used in US Navy nuclear submarines for SEAL teams.

I have a long list of endorsements. For example Jason Giambi, the American League MVP says, “I highly recommend the Light Patch to any athlete or anybody who wants to reduce pain, accelerate healing and increase athletic performance.” Other endorsements come from a renowned micro surgeon, a Montana State senator who had been reduced to walking with crutches after cortisone and chiropractic treatments had failed. He was able to return to a normal life in business, golfing, farming and horseback riding through infrared treatments. To see what other say see below.

Growing numbers of doctors and dentists such as Dr. Tate are using infrared treatments. If you live conveniently to a source of these infrared machines, you can have treatments there. However, you can also buy home units as Merri and I have to treat yourself.

Merri and I immediately bought the most powerful unit, the Bio Pack, for ourselves and so delegates at our courses can test this type of healing. Though the Bio Pack is expensive ($3,450), there are other units that run as low as $399. The options are detailed below. We have arranged a system so our readers can order units through this site….please email Merri for more details.

For example, the Knee Saver unit was originally designed for players from the Philadelphia Eagles and then used by other professional football players. This unit delivers infrared light through 24 infrared and 26 red diodes. and the spinal pad delivers infrared through 112 diodes placed over the spine, kidney, lower back and adrenal areas.

Until next message may your health be enlightened!


P.S. Join us at our upcoming courses and try our infrared machine, plus other health inducing equipment such as steam baths, alkaline hot tub in the woods and rebounder.


Bio Pack

The Bio Pack powers two 30-diode cluster packs that deliver heat and light from infrared and visible red super luminous LEDS. This unit also has a high and low heat setting at multiple frequencies to provide powerful relief that penetrates up to nine inches within the body. $3,450

The Light Patch

Very portable, this unit covers a larger area than the Bio Pack though it does not penetrate as deeply. It also offers variable heat settings and automatic frequency patterns. $399

Knee Saver

This product was originally designed and built for players from the Philadelphia Eagles and then used by other pro football teams. This unit can be placed right over the knee or on a problem area. The Knee Saver uses the same high and low heat settings that the light patch and Spinal Pad have. It delivers heat through 24 infrared and 25 red diodes. It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. $429.

The Spinal Pad

The Spinal Pad is like the light patch, but it covers the entire spinal area, from neck to hips. It has more infrared lights and LED lights and provides variable heat settings. The Spinal Pad sends heat and light deep intro the length of the spine which is where many painful symptoms begin. $699


Jason Giambi American League MVP. “I highly recommend the Light Path to any athlete who wants to reduce pain, accelerate healing and increase athletic performance.”

Dr. Joseph Kutz, Micro Surgeon.”We have utilized the Bio Scan for, among other things carpal tunnel syndrome, acute joint problems and ligament trauma. We have found that pain and swelling were often reduced within 48 hours following treatment with Bio Lights and that patients were able to return to bear full activity within 48 hours after treatment.”

Arnold A. Mohl, Montana State Senator. Senator Mohl was diagnosed with an extremely painful affliction of the spine. Shortly after he was reduced to walking with crutches and function in daily activity. Cortisone injections and chiropractic treatment offered little long term relief and he was scheduled for orthopedic surgery. With the use of Bio Scan he was able to return to his normal lifestyle. In his own words, “I have been able to return to my normal daily activities such as running my business, golfing, farming and horseback riding. I've decided against surgery, and believe that without the Bio Scan products I would still be fighting the battle with my spine.”

Dr. Karl Lickteig, NBA Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. “In my 13 year career, I have yet to witness unlayering of debilitating musculoskeletal conditions with such precision and speed as with the Bio Scan systems. Within one month of using Bio Scan my clinical practice finds a waiting list for new and existing patients of up to six weeks. With much gratitude to Bio Scan we literally hold the future of health care in our hands.”

Dr. Harry Whelan, Professor of Neurology, Medical College Froedert Hospital. “For most wounds we do not need to interfere with nature's healing. But this technology may be the answer for problem wounds that are slow to heal.” For more go to Health link Medical College of Wisconsin-Light emitting Diodes Aid in Wound Healing which is at