Orange Alert and Coarse Soap

by | Feb 17, 2003 | Archives

Personally I wonder if Orange Alert is another Y2K? Lots of bother about nothing? Even worse could this be a conspiracy perpetrated by the company that makes duct tape? Hah! Whether these warnings make sense or not there is one idea that comes from them that may do us some good. See why below.

Tomorrow's message at this site focuses on how to tell if a conspiracy of controllers is trying to dominate our world. The actions of our government must make us wonder. For example, one way to end terrorism is to make friends among the enemy, especially their brightest young people. Why not take college students from abroad, bring them to the U.S. and let them live the American dream? Let's send them back as friends of democracy and capitalism. The INS appears to be on the opposite tact. Instead they are taking the brightest of the most impressionable time in their lives and treating them like criminals or worse.

But one common sense idea caught my idea with this recent Orange Alert. The powers to be recommended that along with the duct tape and plastic to seal up our homes we keep some coarse soap on hand. Coarse soap? I can only assume that this is in case the duct tape and plastic do not work.

This seems slightly reminiscent of my grade school years when we had air raid drills and used to have to climb under our desks. I always wondered how much protection my school desk would give me in the event of a nuclear attack.

However, there is one way to put this warning (for coarse soap) to good use. In a recent message, I wrote about Ted's Stuff. This is a truly powerful liquid soap that is inexpensive, totally organic, readily bio-degradable, versatile and it cleans up your toilet system in the process of being used.

Ted's Stuff anyway works as a dish cleaner, detergent, clothes and dish-washing soap, car cleaner, floor and bathroom and tile cleaner. It does just about everything. It's great for babies too!

Here is the rub. If the truth were known, you and (especially) our kids are at greater risk from the chemicals we keep under our sink than from any terrorist attack. Daily we are sold on using toxic chemicals that create at least six problems.

Problem #1: Chemicals and the unborn. When a pregnant mother breathes chemical fumes, the exposure can cause mental and physical deformity in the fetus.

Problem #2: Child Poisoning. Nearly 500 children are accidentally blistered or burned or blinded each month. This is far in excess of what any terrorist can hope to do.

Problem #3: Children are especially susceptible. Experiments have shown that A students schoolwork drops to F level after breathing custodial chemical fumes.

Problem #4: Slow Poisoning. Hazardous chemical fumes gradually accumulate in our cells. They cause fatigue, joint pain, shortness of breath, heart disease and immune dysfunction, etc. When a toxic molecule attacks a cell, the cell becomes mutated which can lead to cancer. In 1960 cancer was rare. In the 1970s over 40,000 synthetic chemicals were introduced. Brain cancer increased by 47%.

Problem #5: Chemical fumes may disrupt the mental process. When chemical fumes disrupt the brain's delicate chemistry, mental functions can become unstable. Chemical vapors may cause memory loss, depression, irrational rage and anti-social behavior. Household chemicals are the primary source of free radical fumes.

Problem #6: Poisoning of our lakes and streams. This is the real terrorism (think about this) we have been doing to ourselves. No evil empire has been required. The EPA says that chemical household cleaners from millions of household sinks is now more damaging than industrial pollution! We may stop nuclear proliferation. We may overcome terrorists groups. We may destroy our enemies. What good will this do if we poison ourselves and our land in the process?

So let's do ourselves a favor. Get some Ted's Stuff and save your health. Clean up your environment and in addition unclog your sinks and septic tanks and save a few bucks in the process. By the way if there is a terrorist attack near you, Ted's Stuff will also work better than coarse soap.

Until next message, let's throw in some prayers for global peace in the process. War should always be the very last option when no other avenue is possible.

P.S. You can order Ted's stuff at our online catalog.