Smallpox Data that’s Worse

by | Feb 10, 2003 | Archives

A recent message explained how local public health officials could put us in jail for refusing to have small pox vaccinations. Here is information that could be even worse!

That recent message was provided by a well-informed reader and gave a way to opt out of the vaccination with a homeopathic treatment. However, we now learn from yet another reader that this may not be the case. Here is what this reader shared.

"Gary"The problem with your recent email about using homeopathy in lieu of a small pox vaccination is the mistake that suggests that a homeopathic remedy can be used in lieu of an injected vaccine to satisfy government requirements.  This is not the case."The FDA allows the use of homeopathic for the treatment of disease, but not the prevention."If you get an MD to 'certify' that you are not a candidate for the vaccine due to physiological concerns, you will most likely be considered a contagion and quarantined (as stated in your message). We are dealing with a lose-lose proposition. You can either get the vaccine and risk potentially hazardouscontraindications, or not don't get the vaccine by reason of religious beliefs or physiology and be subject to quarantine."Having read your material for several years I know you understand the negative (as well as positive) shifts taking place politically, economically and spiritually.   The Emergency Health Powers Act, like any dictatorial heavy hand, in its most draconian application is a worst case scenario that does not allow much room for planning. This is the sad reality. However, Hope Springs Eternal, and I certainly pray for an alternative for forced inoculation that detours mandatory quarantine."Though these two readers may disagree on one point what concerns both is "The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act".In fact there are many people worried about this including the nation's M.D.s.  Here is what the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. has written:"The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act-which would give your Governor essentially the power to declare himself dictator under pretext of real or 'potential' public health emergency-has been introduced in both houses of the Tennessee legislature. The Senate bill is S.B. 2392, introduced by Senator Roscoe Dixon D-Memphis), and the House bill is H.B. 2271, introduced by Rep. Kathryn Bowers (D-Memphis)."You need to let your legislators and your patients know of the far-reaching implications of this bill. The AAPS analysis of both original and revised versions, along with an action alert suitable for distributing to patients, is posted at Click on "Model Emergency (Dictatorial) Powers Act." Call our message line (800) 419-4777 and request hard copy if don't have Internet access.  You can contact your legislators through, or by calling (800)449-8366. A contact for updates on the situation is Bobbie Patray, President of Tennessee Eagle Forum, (615) 360-8810,  We need your help to stop this bill!  Sincerely,  Jane M. Orient, MD, Executive Director"I believe that what bothers most people (including the M.D.s and me) is section 603 and 604 which reads,603 "During a state of public health emergency the public health authority may exercise the following emergency powers over persons as necessary to address the public heath emergency."(a) Vaccination. To vaccinate persons as protection against infectious disease and to prevent the spread of contagious disease.604 "During the public health emergency the public health authority may isolate or quarantine an individual or groups of individuals who have not been vaccinated pursuant to section 603."You can read the entire 39 page act at

When I think about how our panicked authorities banned nail clippers and tweezers from airplanes and how my sister swelled up and turned red, covered with rash, unable to breath upon her smallpox vaccination, I visualize panicky authorities killing more Americans than the terrorists.

Let's hope that our conversations about this are always a moot point and neither view has to be tested. Until then I remain highly skeptical of any authority figure and any legislation that gives them emergency power over me without my direct vote. How about you? I would like to read your thoughts.