Gaining Profits and Prophets

by | Feb 6, 2003 | Archives

A wise man once said “Be willing to go out on a limb. After all, that is where the fruit is.” Here is a business message that shows how to get out there safely.

Having your own business is one of the best ways to get rich and stay that way. One reason is that you can start small, make your mistakes and then grow. Here is how to do this one step at a time. This is called the Business Evolutionary Cycle and allows you to start a business and then reinvent it again and again.

To begin figure out what you love. Learn to turn your passion into a profit. To do this use the cycle. Get an idea you love. Let this idea create enthusiasm. Use the enthusiasm to gain an education about the subject. Take the education to action. The action will bring you profits (financially positive or negative) and prophets that lead to the next idea. Start all over again!

Follow this cycle and you cannot fail. Until next message may all your business be good!