Cure for Prostate Cancer

by | Feb 3, 2003 | Archives

While in Ecuador, something I already knew was confirmed.

Merri and I have been importing the Amazonian food supplement BIRM (Bio Immune Response Modulator) back to the U.S. for several years and we have dozens of anecdotes suggesting that this tonic helps the body create miracles in imbalances ranging from simple allergies to MS to all types of cancer. We have also seen scientific studies showing that BIRM is a positive elixir for inhibiting the HIV virus. Although BIRM was created by a leading oncologist, there never was a scientific study that proved BIRM's impact on cancer.

Now there is. While in Ecuador I was able to read an in-depth study conducted at the medical school of a large U.S. university, which shows that BIRM has a very big impact on prostate cancer. The study is to be published in a leading medical journal this June or July, which is why all the “leading and large” (rather than specific names) terms are used here. I have been asked not to reveal the details of this school or magazine until the article has been published. But what exciting wonderful news!!

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Now that scientific procedure confirms that BIRM is a powerful effective substance (which is good news), there may be a dark cloud in this silver lining. We have been importing BIRM into the U.S. for a couple of years. During this time we have kept the price low ($65 per bottle) despite the fact that cancer clinics in Mexico and Germany charge $1,000 for BIRM treatments. We feel that BIRM should be available for everyone.

However, I have few illusions. If the medical industry takes control of BIRM (an event that might well happen), we may lose our ability to important this wonderful supplement. I will keep watch and keep you informed if this appears to be happening. In the meantime, I recommend stocking up as Merri and I are doing before June or July.

Once the report on BIRM has been published, I will share it with you. Until next message, may all you health be perfect!