Equatorial Health Tip

by | Jan 27, 2003 | Archives

Evening mists rose like white smoke from the dense jungle in tiny cyclones of purity that masked the deep green below. Evening shadows played purple harmonies on sharp angles in a distant mountain ridge while bird songs carried cosmic visions of nature's perfect order in their tunes. A sun warmed breeze rose from the valley with pungent tales of life and death and the mystic reality of life's richness in the setting sun.

Merri and I have just returned from Ecuador and while there we spent some time at our plantation, Rosaspamba, in the Andes. You can see some pictures below:

The visit to our tiny bit of virgin jungle was just one of many treats we enjoyed during the trip. Ecuador has its ups and downs (I'll send a more detailed report on the country later), but two facts never change. First the Equator has a special energy. You can feel it. You can even see it on the scales. You weigh less on the equator because of the earth's centrifugal force. This seems to add a special health benefit and reminded me of an important health tip that Merri and I often use.

One reason for our journey south was to conduct a Global Health Secrets course at La Mirage Spa. The delegates who attended had health goals that ranged from just tuning up to recovering from serious illnesses, yet all who visited the Shamana at the spa received treatment for improving their lymph system.

The lymph is one of our bodies most important immune and purification systems and it is driven very much by gravity. Thus it occurred to me while seeing the Shamana place such import on this aspect of healing that the altered state of gravity at the equator might have something to do with improving health.

This brings me to the rebounder, an excellent health tool for those who don't want to travel to the equator to have their lymph system cleared. The rebounder is a mini trampoline that is amazingly effective for many health purposes.

Modern science has not been able to identify and label the underlying specifics of gravity. Yet we do know that gravity has a major impact on every aspect of our lives. Our bodies in a way are anti-gravity machines. This universal pull has an influence on the movement of our blood, our lymph, our skin and almost every part of our being.

Trampolines have a profound effect on our bodies because they magnify gravity.

Whatever one does on a trampoline, the exercise is compounded by the leverage gained through the kinetic energy stored in the springs (on the way down). This energy is pushed back through the body (on the way up) and can have enormous health benefits in many ways. Some use rebounders to increase strength, (every exercise on a trampoline gives you extra effect because of this leverage), but many including Merri and me use it just to exercise our lymph systems. This requires only 12 minutes a day of the lightest bouncing (your toes should not even leave the trampoline..just let your heels gradually bounce up and down). Even this light movement magnified by the springs pushes your body from zero gravity (at the top) to 2 g's (at the bottom). This motion moves the lymph along and strengthens the body's ability to keep the lymph moving to enhance the immune system.

There are few ways you can gain such a concentrated health benefit for just 12 minutes a day!I first learned about rebounders more than a decade ago when reading the book The “New Miracles of Rebound Exercise” by Al Carter, which I understand has now sold over a million copies. There are dozens of books on the benefits of rebounding ranging from weight loss to muscle tone to curing cancer. The website http://www.aardvarkjuicers.com/rebound2.htm lists 20 books on the subject alone.

Take a look at the word rebounder at google.com and you will see hundreds of listings about (and selling) rebounders. The prices range from over $2,000 (goodness this must be a fancy one!) to $24.95 plus shipping and handling. There are some arguments that the high priced rebounders are better because they have special springs which make them safer and less jarring to the spine. This may be true for those who use them for vigorous exercise.

However, for the simple easy lymphatic cleansing bounce there is not really any reason to spend more than the minimum amount. Merri and I paid about $25 for ours at Service Merchandise and it has lasted for years. Two listings from my Google search that offer rebounders for $24.95 are http://www.jumpright.com/ and http://www.wellness-fitness.com/rebounder.htm

You can see what a few other people say about rebounders at http://www.lifequest-freshstart.com/fitness_exercise_testimonials.htm

If you are going to do more than the simple lymphatic bounce, I recommend at least reading one book on the subject as trampolines provide leverage. This means that good moves are better, but also means that bad moves are worse and the risks of injury could increase.

Tomorrow's message looks at the other aspect of Ecuador that will never change.

Until then, may your health always be great!